Gazprom Dragon European Championship 2016 - Day 3

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Gazprom Dragon European Championship 2016 - Day 3

Post by Webmaster » Thu Jul 21, 2016 10:47 pm

Gazprom Dragon Europeans 2016: Anatoliy Loginov strengthens his position on Day3..

Despite two more races that were sailed today in fresh northerlies in St.Petersburg YC again went to different teams, the overnight leaders are working tirelessly to maintain their positions and staying consistent – a feature that is not easy to keep given the “river” mode of local winds.

On 20th July the Gazprom Dragon Europeans has crossed its equator with five races sailed out of ten theoretically possible. So far the competition is fierce with no crew managed to score two race wins. Furthermore, only first placed Antoliy Logonov, third placed Marcus Brennecke (GER11) and fifth Jens Christensen (DEN410) have scored two top three finishes on tricky Neva river mouth. Really shifty event with 20 knots winds make it for the most complicated game ever.

The first race of the day went to Christensen and helped him to return to the top-5 with some podium perspectives. The second was won by FRA365 of Christian Gayader and helped him to move almost 10 places up to 13th overall.

Meanwhile, Markus Wieser (UAE7) lost his yesterday’s tie to Loginov but with astonishing 7/7 finishes (yesterday he was twice fifth) the multiple European champion sits firmly on second. The same cannot be said about Markus Brennecke (GER11) who suffered his worst day so far but managed to maintain its third position despite a tie with progressing native Stephan Link’s crew.

The ones to keep an eye on are Transbunker boats with acting European champion Evgeniy Braslavets (UAE8) and Hendrick Witzmann (UAE9). Both crews are progressing fast and already in top-10 while started the Championship two days ago way lower than expected.

The Corinthians again witnessed leader change. Steadily working towards its goals experienced Frank Berg from Denmark is now first (17th overall) and has more than 10 points advantage to the second placed SWE389 Karl-Gustaf Lohr and GER69 Christof Wieland (both are tied at 19th overall).

Tomorrow, 21st July, two more races are planned. There are two ties only in top-10 now so plenty of action is expected at all levels of the leaderboard.

Full results

Writer: Ivan Bidzilya
Photo Credits: Elena Razina

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