The Dragon Gold Cup 2009

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The Dragon Gold Cup 2009

Post by IDA » Fri Aug 08, 2008 11:45 am

The Dragon Gold Cup 2009 will be held between 01 - 07 August 2009 in Skagen, Denmark Further details will be posted shortly.

Official Website ..

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The Dragon Gold Cup 2009

Post by Webmaster » Thu Sep 25, 2008 7:54 pm

Dragon Gold Cup 2009 officially announced in Cascais

At the prestigious Gala Dinner during the Dragon Gold Cup 2008 in Cascais, Royal Danish Yacht Club was given the opportunity to announce the Dragon Gold Cup 2009, which is going to take place in Skagen, Denmark August 1-7, 2009.

It was indeed a special evening, where the organizers of the 2008 Dragon Gold Cup held their Galla Dinner with participation of His Royal Highness Prince Consort of Denmark, Sponsor, Cascais Mayor and myriade of Dragon Sailors including former Gold Cup winners.

Royal Danish Yacht Club (RDYC) proudly presented the next version of the Dragon Gold Cup, and presented a special invitation to all sailors. During the stay in Cascais, the representation from RDYC held meetings with the International Dragon Association, and the organizers in Cascais and gathered valuable information and ideas.

We look forward to see Dragon´s in Skagen - it´s only 11 months to the start - so planning is well under way. Make your travel plans early, especially accommodation - check out this website for more information.


Event Website for Dragon Gold Cup 2009, 1-7 August in Skagen, Denmark

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The Dragon Gold Cup 2009

Post by Webmaster » Sat Jan 17, 2009 2:13 pm

Status of planning - Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone. The beginning of the year is a good opportunity to give a status of how far the organising authority is in the planning. Please find here the planning as it looks right now (beginning of January).... And we are still working for you all ;-)
Area on shore
Logistic and shore facilities

* The race village on shore will be centred around a 800sqm hall, witch we will make nice and cosy. The race office will be in one corner of this hall. Please find it marked by “A” on the attached drawing
* The boats will be moored just outside the hall (marked “B”). We have room for 78 boats on the floating piers. The boats will be moored longside 2 and 2.
* The craning on arrival days will be with 2 mobile cranes placed at the mark “C”.
* Line up for the craning will be in the area marked “F”, with facilities for washing boats, helpers putting on stickers, measurement, and helpers making sure that the boats are ready to be launched before they go to the crane.
* On launching of boats some of our helpers will take the trailer and drive it to trailer parking (marked “G”). The trailers will have a number system making connection between the sail number and the trailer.
* We will have one or two rubber boats ready for helping the boats sailing from the crane to the mooring place.
* The area marked “G” have plenty room for trailer parking and car parking.
* In the building marked “E” we have a room for the racing committee.
* In the building marked “E” we also have a room for protest hearing.
* On the last day of sailing we will have 4 mobile cranes ready – two at the place marked “C” and two at the place marked “D”. When the competitors are getting close to the harbour on the last day they will be handed over a number tack from a rubber boat, giving the order of craning. In the harbour entrance another rubber boat will send the boats to area C or D.
* Every boat will most likely have a tracking GPS on bord – giving the possibility to show live on the internet and on screens in the hall what is happening on the course. These tracking devices will also work as “Tjek in – tjek out” system.
* All facilities are within 5 minutes working distance from the race village.

Social Events

* Before every racing day there will be croissants and coffee in the hall (“A”)
* After each racing day, we will all meet for informal get-together at the Race Village and enjoy drinks and food – and discuss the racing, watch footage and examine the Tracking Systems
* We will organise one gala dinner during the event. The limit of people for a gala dinner in the hall is app. 450. We will organise more room in tents if necessary. We will know when knowing the amount of participants.
* We will organise a price giving dinner and party on the last day of sailing.
* We will work on having a plan for spectator boats.
* We will organise a debriefing with the jury – using the Track Tack system.

On the water

* Christian Lerche – one of the most experienced race officers we know and licensed International Race Officer – will be the Principal Race Officer at this event.
* The committee boat will be the same one as we always use for bigger events in RDYC.
* The racing area will be just to the south of the harbour. Maximum distance to the starting area will be 3,5 NM.
* The jury will be working on the water with the “whistle system”
* We will have boats for towing the boats to and from the racing area if necessary.
* We talked about different ways of making the starting line.
* I informed abort the tracking system (see under logistic)
* We will have big marks knowing the course will be app. 2,5 NM.
* We have to be aware of the problem with coach boats. I will investigate how this is handled by the Olympic classes.


* Ted is working on having a jury of 5 IU’s. The chairman is to be found when we know the members of the jury
* We are going for “not too old” jury members as they have to be on the water for several hours each day.
* We know that the mark rounding’s will be close and the jury will be in place with 3 rubber boats.
* The Jury will be International.
* We expect 3-4 protests each sailing day.
* IDA does not have a “preferred list” of jury members. Ted is working on finding appropriate candidates. He will send the list to IDA for comments before it is final.


* Chairman of the organising authority will be the CEO of RDYC, Morten Lorenzen
* PRO is Christian Lerche.
* Project manager (hired professional) is Jan Schlüter
* Production manager (all hardware on shore, all contact to official authority and more) (hired professional) is Thomas Steinmann.
* We are in close cooperation with the CEO of Skagen Harbour, who is also a partner in the Event.
* We have contact to rigger and sail makers.
* We expect to have app. 15 persons from the usual staff of RDYC helpers on central places. We expect to have app. 20 helpers from Frederikshavn Sejlklub (worked with them last year) and finally app. 10 helpers from the local club.
* We will organise the housing of the helpers.


* We will appoint a person responsible for updating the homepage during the event. The goal is to have results ready on the homepage when the competitors arrive to the harbour after sailing.
* We will shortly update the homepage and keep on doing so until the event.
* The homepage will have a direct link to “Track Track” giving everybody the possibility to follow the races live at all time or go thru a race later, whenever that is convenient.
* Updated news and pictures will be available all time during the event.


* Günter Ahlers has kindly accepted to be the official measurer of this event. We are very pleased!

09. Jan. 2009 Jan Schlüter

Event Website for Dragon Gold Cup 2009, 1-7 August in Skagen, Denmark

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The Dragon Gold Cup 2009

Post by IDA » Wed Feb 04, 2009 10:15 am

News from the Gold Cup 2009 organisation. Everything seems to be developing well, and we can look forward to a well-organised Gold Cup in Skagen, one of the most charming summer spots in Scandinavia..Long sandy beaches, amazing nature, wonderful small hotels and B&Bs, charming and romantic old fishermen’s town, world renowned art museum, super restaurants, great night life. The Danish championship in Grenå, 3 hours drive from Skagen takes place the week-end before the Gold Cup. See the recent up-date on the organisation here via the Gold Cup link below.

Event Website for Dragon Gold Cup 2009, 1-7 August in Skagen, Denmark

Peter Warrer

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The Dragon Gold Cup 2009

Post by IDA » Sun Aug 02, 2009 5:21 pm

The Practice Race took place today at the Dragon Gold Cup 2009 in Skagen, Denmark. After two days of hectic activities ashore with crew weigh-in, measurement of boats and sails and last minute preparations, all met for the official Opening Reception on Saturday evening, where the organizing event Chairman welcomed everyone to the Dragon Gold Cup 2009..

Event Chairman Morten Lorenzen gave the official welcome speech at the Opening Reception of the Dragon Gold Cup 2009.









Morten Lorenzen
Event Chairman

Official Website

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The Dragon Gold Cup 2009

Post by IDA » Sun Aug 02, 2009 8:16 pm

Gold Cup 2009 has begun. After the Tune Up race Bunker Queen shows good form. While a lot of sailors would never dream of winning a tune up or practice race, Bunker Queen (UKR) helmed by Lars Hendriksen took line -honors, with Thomas Müller in SInewave (GER) taking second place and Peter Due in Duel (DEN) taking third.. The first race of the regatta starts tomorrow at 12:00 hrs.

Official Website.

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The Dragon Gold Cup 2009 Day 1

Post by IDA » Mon Aug 03, 2009 10:45 pm

Dragon Gold Cup 2009 Race Day 1. The changeable weather of the past few days left the fleet sailing out to the course through a persistent morning of mist and wind that refused to settle on a heading. The first start got off on time but with a general recall the race officials found themselves struggling with a wind that died and shifted by 130 degrees. Finally the course was moved 3 miles to the north and the second attempt at a start got away at the first try..
dragon gold cup 2009 skagen_0051.jpg
After the restart the wind was steady in both direction and strength and this rewarded those with good boat speed and the ability to find clean air. As Per Kloster former trimmer on the Farr40 Silver Bullet puts it “I think that today was a super race, the race officer did a really professional job. The organisation is also spot on, my phone has not stopped ringing from those who have been following this live on line with TracTrac. The Royal Danish yacht Club are delivering another first class event, even my bicycle has a registration! Morten Lorenzen and his team are becoming rather famous for organising events like this.”
dragon gold cup 2009 skagen_MGL5866.jpg
He continues “I persuaded Peter Holm (owner of Malou Den341) to come to this event and he is delighted, everything is done they way one would wish it – World Class.”

With the weather forecast for the coming days offering lighter airs than recently experienced the boat trimming of these notoriously skilled crews is going to come into play.

Race Day 1 saw the crew selection of the Nations Cup (a Cup competition within the Gold Cup). The top three crews from each represented country (the nation of the skipper counting) are chosen and the final Cup is awarded to the leading skipper of the winning nation. As part of a program to widen the appeal of the Gold Cup, the Nations Cup can be seen as very much a success with, for example, a fleet of 16 boats joining the competition from Russia.
Race Day 1 also saw the awarding of the Borge Borresen Memorial Trophy. The Trophy was presented in 2008 by the Borresen family in memory of Borge Borresen who competed in an amazing 51 consecutive Gold Cups and won the event 4 times. The Cup is won by the winner of the first completed race of the Gold Cup. Accordingly Stephan Link helm of Dragoni Holly collected the Trophy from Morten Lorenzen, Managing Director of the Royal Danish Yacht Club.
dragon gold cup skagen 6058.jpg
21 GER 993 Dragoni Holly Stephan Link
62 DEN 396 African Queen Jørgen Schönherr
90 GER 1080 Billy Boy Marcus Brennecke
70 UKR 7 Bunker Queen Ruslana Taran
71 UKR 8 Bunker Boys Evgeniy Braslavets
26 DEN 3 Elsa Jesper Bendix
54 GER 996 Sinewave Thomas Müller
55 DEN 367 Anne Sofie Lars Bøjvad
27 RUS 27 Annapurna Anatoly Loginov
37 GBR 743 Quicksilver IV Robert Campbell

The Dragon Gold Cup is being hosted by the Royal Danish Yacht Club. The photographs are freely available for use and distribution.
Press Release 3-8-2009 - Press Officer Royal Danish Yacht Club: Gordon Smith

Official Website

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The Dragon Gold Cup 2009 Day 2

Post by IDA » Tue Aug 04, 2009 12:22 pm

Dragon Gold Cup - at 15:50 on Tuesday the 4th August The International Principle Race Officer, Christian Lerche, has finally been forced to abandon racing for the day. “Conditions were not improving and the chances of us finishing a race successfully have continued to diminish and I have therefore made the decision to end racing for the day.. We shall try for 2 races tomorrow, starting at 11:00 ..

Follow the day as it happened....

Where did the wind go?
04. Aug. 2009 Time 11:37:27 by: Dorte Mølgaard

Two races are scheduled for the second race day, but so far the only activity taking place in the harbour of Skagen is on land in the race village, where more than 240 sailorsare drinking coffee and walking about impatiently waiting for some news of any hint of wind to race on.

And the weather forecast does not look very promising, so the question is whether the Dragons get to race at all today..... We all cross our fingers.

The wrong sort of wind...
04. Aug. 2009 Time 14:13:06 by: Dorte on behalf of Gordon Smith

Christian Lerche, the much praised International Principle Race Officer had this to say about the current conditions on the water off from Skagen Harbour – Denmark at 13:30 on Tuesday the 4th August....

“The challenge we have right now is that we have some wind but it is only 1-2 m/s and added to that there are large holes in it. Under those existing conditions it is impossible to race. We do have hopes that the wind is going to increase and stabilise.”

He continues “We have the possibility of a start time as late as 18:00 but for that we must make a decision at about 16:00, let us see...”
Mogens moves mountains!
04. Aug. 2009 Time 14:16:48 by: Dorte on behalf of Gordon Smith

Mogens Brinks is a very persuasive man, fortunately for us all! During the Race yesterday the committee boat watched, with an increasing amount of interest, the progress of a procession of tug boat and partly completed cruise liner. The slowly moving hulk was inching its way towards... and across... and directly in front of... the fleet.
Employing Mogen’s Swedish skills he persuaded the Tug skipper (who was on the way into Skagen for bunkering) to change his passage (almost through 90 degrees) to avoid scattering the fleet in all directions to avoid his tow.

Having asked one of our RIBs to deliver a chilled bottle of Royal Danish Yacht Club white wine (the supply of KDY’s house red had rather mysteriously run out) to the tug skipper some discussion then ensued. Do Tug skippers like white wine??..could there be a branded malt whiskey or rum be on the agenda we wonder.....

Not waiting any more...
04. Aug. 2009 Time 16:12:26 by: Dorte on behalf of Gordon Smith

At 15:50 on Tuesday the 4th August The International Principle Race Officer, Christian Lerche, has finally been forced to abandon racing for the day. “Conditions were not improving and the chances of us finishing a race successfully have continued to diminish and I have therefore made the decision to end racing for the day. We shall try for 2 races tomorrow, starting at 11:00.”

Enjoying a change of scene
04. Aug. 2009 Time 16:20:13 by: Dorte on behalf of Gordon Smith

Having just won the Finn Gold Cup/World Championship 2 weeks ago and consistently competed for Denmark at International and Olympic level, Jonas Hoegh Christensen can be described as a fine sailor by any measure and it was during a quiet moment during the Gold Cup that the Sailing Village News caught up with him.

Jonas is crewing on board Dragon ‘Monick’ (DEN332) alongside Lars Rolf Jacobsen - helmed by Nicklas Holm.

“We are a new crew having only sailed 3 regattas together, the Oresunds Championships in April (off from Hellerup, north from Copenhagen) was our first and we drew on points with Frank Berg losing only because he had a superior number of first placings. We were also pleased with our result at the Danish Dragon Championships – a 5th place.”

“I like this class, it has not only quality (more sailing champions and Olympic medallists than you could imagine) but it also appeals across a wide age range. I am actually competing against my father (Jens Christensen ‘Men at Work’ DEN393) and it is very close racing. The racing is tough not only because the boats are so similar but because they require experience as well as knowledge and most of the fleet are more experienced than we are! “

Jonas is enjoying a little time away from tough Olympic competition “in the last eight years I have spent 2400 days on the water and I really am enjoying some time to enjoy myself!”

Official Website

Live tracking from Skagen will be available when racing is in progress from Live Tracking . NB: Live tracking requires Java which can be downloaded free from Racing is scheduled to start at 12:00 each day.

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The Dragon Gold Cup 2009 Day 3

Post by IDA » Wed Aug 05, 2009 10:48 am

Follow the day as it happened....

Sunny but still no wind. 05. aug. 2009
Time 10:31 by Dorte Mølgaard

The third race day and so far still no wind. The PRO, Chrisitan Lerche, therefore decided to postpone which means that there will be no warning signal before 13.00 hours. The sailors are impatiently waiting for more information regarding the wind situation. But at least the sun has finally come out today, which makes a nice and beautiful change..

Waiting and watching
05. Aug. 2009 Time 13:19:51 by: Dorte on behalf of Gordon Smith

Beautiful summer weather is treating the spectators in the harbour to a wonderful sight of the Danish Royal Yacht ‘Dannebrog’ with whole of the 2009 Dragon Gold Cup fleet in the harbour. But for the sailors it is the wait for wind that occupies their thoughts.

With the hourly ‘Duck Shoot’ continuing and the ‘P’ flag still hoisted the International Principle Race Officer, Christian Lerche of the 2009 Dragon Gold Cup – Skagen, Denmark had the following to say “We have continued the postponement of Race 2 but at the same time we are receiving positive news from our scout boat out on the water. There are some positive indications that there is some wind building now and hope that we can get out on the water.” He continues “I have postponed with no time limit with the idea that the crews should stay close to the harbour and remain ready to race.”

One shot, ‘P’ down and we are off!
05. Aug. 2009 Time 13:25:17 by: Dorte on behalf of Gordon Smith

At 11:34 local time Race Officer Christian Lerche gave the warning signal and Race 2 is expected to start at approximately 13:30.
Christian is going to try to fit in 2 races today bearing in mind that the weather forecast for the next two days is similar to today. Racing off from Skagen requires a reasonable amount of wind in order to counteract the persistent current.

Mayor’s thanks for an exceptional experience
05. aug. 2009 Time 16:19 by Dorte Mølgaa

"On behalf of Frederikshavn Municipality I would like to thank all yachtsmen who have come to Skagen from all corners of the World. Thank you very much for giving the guests and citizens of Skagen an experience that will stay with them for a very long time.

I would also like to add my thanks to the Royal Danish Yacht Club for your faith in Skagen as the host of Dragon Gold Cup 2009. I would also like to thank Skagen Havn and Frederikshavn Sejlklub for having taken on the challenge with such enthusiasm, energy and willpower to make everything succeed perfectly.

Frederikshavn Municipality has over 60 miles of coastline and fantastic waterways that invite yachtsmen over the world to engage in maritime events of every kind. Our dream is to place Frederikshavn Municipality on the world map of yachting as an ideal yachting location for both yachtsmen and spectators the Dragon Gold Cup 2009 is a part of that dream.

Yours sincerely,
Erik Sørensen"

Dragon Gold Cup 2009 – Skagen, Denmark
Press release 2009-08-05: Gordon Smith

After a long wait during the morning the Principle Race Officer Christian Lerche finally fired the warning signal at 11:34 which brought relief to those that had considered the possibility of a second day of calm.

His main concern was the difficulty balancing the strength of the current versus the weakness in the wind. However after finishing Gold Cup Race 3 at 8:20pm the general consensus was that it was a ‘good day at the office’.
Eventual 1st placed (in Race 3) Bram de Wilde (‘Faline’ - NED 311) had something to say of the day “My first race today was a disaster. I went the wrong way…. “He goes on “In the second race I was second, then 8th place and on the way to being the first, I got the other one (Tommy Müller)- passing a big ship made it complicated on the last track”

Rob Campbell ‘Quicksilver IV’ –GB743 had this perspective “I thought that the PRO had a fantastic day in light and difficult conditions whilst fighting a complicated current and to be honest I think he got off 2 good and fair races.”
Peder Lunde Jr was also in pretty fine form when he came off the water “15th or 14th (in Race 3 ) is pretty good for us I am very happy. Actually this organisation - or may I call it fraternity? - is working very very well, it is all very nicely put together. The way this is organised I am very impressed.”

Results of Gold Cup Race 2 (Top 10 – unofficial)
1. RUS 27 Annapurna Anatoly Loginov
2. GBR 716 Jerboa Gavia Wilkinson-Cox
3. DEN 392 Flawless Valdemar Bandolowski
4. GER 1068 Icicle Udo Pflüger
5. UKR 9 CCCP Ruslana Taran
6. RUS 34 I Feel Good Senatorov Vasily
7. RUS 90 Zenith Berezkin Dmitry
8. GER 993 Dragoni Holly Stephan Link
9. DEN 384 Notorious Søren Pehrson
10. GER 1078 Troika Tim Ladehof

Race finished at approximately 16:15

Results of Gold Cup Race 3 (Top 10)
1. NED 311 Faline Bram de Wilde
2. GER 996 Sinewave Thomas Müller
3. GER 1078 Troika Tim Ladehof
4. GER 1014 Kite Dr. Dirk Oldenburg
5. SWE 338 Linnea Stefan Winberg
6. SWE 345 Ming Jacob Wallenberg
7. DEN 396 African Queen Jørgen Schönherr
8. RUS 6 Stasya Alexander Shmid
9. DEN 353 Duel Peter Due
10. UKR 7 Bunker Queen Lars Hendriksen

Race finished at approximatly 20:24

For further updates click on the Official Website

Live tracking from Skagen will be available when racing is in progress from Live Tracking . NB: Live tracking requires Java which can be downloaded free from

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The Dragon Gold Cup 2009 Day 4

Post by IDA » Thu Aug 06, 2009 11:47 am

Dragon Gold Cup - racing was cancelled today due to lack of wind. For further updates click on the Official Website. Live tracking from Skagen is available when racing is in progress. It is fascinating to watch - check the replays by clicking Live Tracking

Follow the day as it happened....

The race is finally about to start - signal for 14:10
06. Aug. 2009 Time 13:57:02 by: Dorte Mølgaard

The day started off with no wind at all. A perfect day to spend on the beach, but less perfect conditions for sailing. At noon the wind started picking up a little, and all 80 Dragons got ready to leave the harbour....

The Crown Prince at the Dragon Gold Cup
06. Aug. 2009 Time 14:22:08 by: Dorte on behalf of Gordon Smith

The Dragon Gold Cup sailing village news ‘Raceday’ had the opportunity to meet with Crown Prince Frederik and this is what he had to say.

On the Class:

“I think that the class is becoming more competitive. I last sailed four years ago and I can feel the difference, the standard of competition has increased significantly. It is also great to have the Russians and Ukraines here, they are challenging in the races. The idea of the Nations Cup was a very wise idea and establishing the fleets is a very positive thing for the long term future of the fleet.”
On Fathers and sons:

“It is fun sailing against my father, it’s great to be able to compete on level terms across generations, he has just had his 75th birthday and it shows that this is a class for all ages. Jonas Hoegh Christensen is of course also sailing against his Father which is something that the Dragon class is well suited to. Actually with Nicklas Holm and Jonas Hoegh Christensen you can see that it is a class that can and does attract young sailors who enjoy a tough challenge.”[/i]

On Skagen and the Weather:

“The weather has not been ideal for sailing but a Dragon sailor typically knows how to enjoy himself as much on the land as on the water, it’s an essential part of the class! It’s nice for us to be here to support this part of the country and the hospitality of Skagen is first rate. From a specifically Dragon sailors perspective I would like to award a Gold Cup to the volunteer team here in the sailing village! Everyone has done a first rate job.”

From oars to sails – Thomas Ebert
06. Aug. 2009 Time 15:10:09 by: Dorte Mølgaard

Now retired from elite rowing with several Olympic and World Championship gold and silvers medals, Thomas Ebert has taken up sailing. The 2009 Dragon Gold Cup in Skagen is his first regatta and boy does he find himself in good company amongst the ‘top of the pops’ in the international ‘Dragon Society’.

Thomas is crewing together with Per Kloster (two times world champion in H-boat, and one silver medal in the Dragon World Championship amongst other achievements) on the Dragon ‘Malou’ which is helmed by Peter Holm (Dragon Gold Cup silver winner and a Dragon World championship).
Six weeks ago Thomas received a phone call from Peter Holm who asked to know his weight. With his 72kg he received the reply, “you are hired”. Since then they have trained for the Dragon Gold Cup 1-2 times a week.

"Sailing and rowing are very similar sports. Both require technique, tactic, trim, and adjustment of the boat. The only thing lacking in Dragon sailing is the physical dimension. Nevertheless I am still very tired after a day of sailing”.

“There is a more social atmosphere amongst the sailors than I have experienced from my rowing competitions. During Dragon regattas you drink a beer (or more!) with your competitors".This is probably the reason his girlfriend has told him not to ‘attach a stomach’ (Danish expression)!

Thomas is keen to do more sailing. He has become member of Roskilde Yacht Club and has got himself a mooring space. The only thing missing now is the actual boat. “I am looking for a 10-metre long, slim, classic type”. Any suggestions ?"

Racing Cancelled for the Day
06. Aug. 2009 Time 18:07:36 by: Dorte on behalf of Gordon Smith

At 5pm local time the Principle Race Officer Christian Lerche called it a day after an unequal battle between himself and a particularly fickle wind. As Chairman of the International Dragon Association, Rob Campbell put it “There were several occasions when the breeze came in and it looked like we could get a race away but the wind died every single time and it was just impossible.”

Anyone for Ice Cream?
06. Aug. 2009 Time 18:40:38 by: Dorte on behalf of Gordon

Regarding yesterday’s racing International Dragon Association President Rob Campbell had the following to say

"There was no way the PRO could have got a race away. I fully sympathise with him every time we thought the wind would hold up long enough and then it just dropped off. However I would say of the regatta in general you can tell from the atmosphere on shore that even though we are bitterly disappointed not to race everyone is happy to be here and is having a super time.”

Vincent Hoesch nods in agreement “Actually we are really quite happy about things. The PRO made a very wise decision not to use a black flag start. For example on the second start every boat on the weather (starboard) side of the committee boat was over the line and if we were under the black flag we would be prevented from racing on the final day. Great call.” And he continues “Overall the regatta is excellent, delivering the ice cream out to the boats was a really nice idea, let’s do that again!”

Live tracking from Skagen is available when racing is in progress. To follow the race click Live Tracking .

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The Dragon Gold Cup 2009 Day 5

Post by IDA » Fri Aug 07, 2009 11:01 am

After a long day on the water the Dragons managed to complete 2 races, and the the winner of the Dragon Gold Cup 2009 is the Ukranian Dragon, CCCP, UKR 9 helmed by Ruslana Taran, the fast lady, and her crew.She was closely followed by another Ukranian Bunker Queen UKR 7 helmed by the Dane Lars Hendriksen . Third went RUS 27 Anatoly Loginov. tracking from Skagen was available during the racing. Check the replays by clicking Live Tracking .

Ruslana Taran UKR 9 the fast lady and her crew from The Transbunker sailing team winner of Gold Cup 2009. On second went Lars Hendriksen in .

The Winners of the Dragon Gold Cup racing off the coast of Skagen

Follow the action as it happened....

Update of the Racing on Race Day 5
07. Aug. 2009 Time 11:55:34 by: Dorte on behalf of Gordon Smith

11:40 am With improved weather conditions compared to the last two days the fleet was sent to the water early for an 11:00 start. We are currently awaiting a third start ...... with a general recall issued for start 1 following a number of boats drawing the rest of the fleet with them over the line. The second failed start was due to a sudden change in the wind direction at the windward end of the course.

Race 4 completed - Frank Berg and his My Way team wins
07. Aug. 2009 Time 15:27:40 by: Morten Lorenzen

In nearly perfect conditions in Skagen with 6 m/s south-south-easterly - the fleet of 80 Dragons got off to a super race. The morning started calm, but the sailors were quite aggresive, and it took two general recalls before the race finnaly got away.

Frank Berg in "My Way" took the start and just extended from there, eventually winning the race. In second place came GER 1014 "Kite" and third GBR 633 - "Fei Lin´s Flirtation". HRH Crown Prince Frederik came fifth - his best result so far in the regatta.

Second race of the day - and the last in the regatta - is now under the starters command (15:24). We expect final result around 20:00 hrs.

Dragon Gold Cup 2009 is completed
07. Aug. 2009 Time 20:32:52 by: Dorte Mølgaard

After a long day on the water and the Dragons managed to complete 2 races, we can now name the winner of the Dragon Gold Cup 2009.

The Ukranian Dragon, CCCP, UKR 9 helmed by Ruslana Taran overall came in first followed closely by another Ukranian, Bunker Queen, helmed by the Dane Lars Hendriksen. The overall top ten are:

1. CCCP UKR 9 Ruslana Taran
2. Bunker Queen UKR 7 Lars Hendriksen
3. Annapurna RUS 27 Anatoly Loginov
4. Duel DEN 353 Peter Due
5. Sinewave GER 996 Thomas Müller
6. Nanoq DEN 336 HKH Kronprins Frederik
7. Bunker Boys UKR 8 Evgeniy Braslavets
8. Dragoni Holly GER 993 Stephan Link
9. Zenith RUS 90 Berezkin Dmitry
10. African Queen DEN 396 Jørgen Schönherr

The 2009 Dragon Gold Cup- The Final Press Release

Results and Quotes
By Gordon Smith

Rob Campbell President of the International Dragon Association.

After a very sunny 10 days in Skagen Rob Campbell, President of the International Dragon Association reflects on this year’s Dragon Gold Cup “The Gold Cup is a very special event devised to encourage competition between nations and I was personally pleased that there were 16 nations represented; which just to demonstrate that the class is thriving on a broad international basis. The Nations Cup which has been competed for since 2000 has been instrumental in encouraging new nations to join the Dragon family and compete on an international level. This is the first time that an East European Country has won the trophy and that can only encourage others and improve standards for us all. This was clearly a light airs regatta which involved a massive amount of concentration for everyone, particularly with the long courses associated with the Gold Cup. Next year the Gold Cup moves to Marstrand near Gothenburg in Sweden which are very well proven waters for major international regattas. I think that the whole class is very much looking forward to that".
His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik
The Royal Danish Yacht Club

Morten Lorenzen, Managing Director of the Royal Danish Yacht Club (KDY), hosts of this year’s Dragon Gold Cup had this to say regarding the event “Unusually for Skagen (an average of only 7 days a year without ‘sail-able’ wind) the wind gave us some issues but I think that we have succeeded in delivering a quality event focused on the sailors and I sense that we may have put Skagen on the World map of sailing”.

Jan Schluter Project Manager for the event on behalf of (KDY) had the following thoughts on the regatta “Working with the Dragon class has been great fun and I sincerely hope to have the possibility of working with the class again. This event is one that we (KDY) can be very proud of and as far as I’ve heard from the sailors they have had a fantastic week. I know for sure that the team delivering the event have had a lot of fun doing this. We are all tired but happy.”

Principle Race Officer
The man with the weight of the World on his shoulders this week however was International Principle Race Officer Christian Lerche and he had this to say in his duel with the unusually fickle Skagen weather. “It has been a fantastic week in Skagen I think we got the races that we could get out so such tricky and light summer conditions. I think we had great deal of luck when we took chances/made decisions and everything worked and we had the races we planned. When we decided to stay in the harbour it was the right thing to do and when we decided to race that worked as well. Many sailors have said that they have enjoyed the racing in Skagen this week and they have thanked the entire race management team for the efforts they have made and I am extremely happy!”
Ruslana Taran, winner of the Gold Cup with her crew at the Prize Giving.
Results of Race 4
(1) My Way Frank Berg DEN266
(2) Kite Dr Dirk Oldenburg GER1014
(3) Fei Lin Ron James GBR633
(4) Lil Peter Warrer DEN380
(5) Nanoq HKH Crown Prince Frederik DEN336
(6) Duel Peter Due DEN353
(7) Billy Boy Marcus Brennecke GER1080
(8) CCCP Ruslana Taran UKR9
(9) Troika Tim Ladehof GER1078

Results of Race 5
(1) Men at Work Jens Christensen DEN393
(2) Bunker Boys Evgeniy Braslavets UKR8
(3) Elsa Jesper Bendix DEN3
(4) One More Gaetan Hannecart BEL76
(5) Linnea Stefan Winberg SWE338
(6) CCCP Ruslana Taran UKR9
(7) DUEL Peter Due DEN353
(8) AnnaPurna Anatoly Loginov RUS27
(9) Faskerbaten Peter Kolni SWE328
(10) Nanoq HKH Crown Prince Frederik DEN336

Overall Results:
Nations Cup:
Winning Country : Ukraine
Winner of the Nations Cup: UKR8 Evgeniy Braslavets (Helm) crewed by Igor Sidorov and Sergey Timokhov

(1) CCCP Ruslana Taran UKR9
(2) Bunker Queen Lars Hendrikson UKR7
(3) Annapurna Anatoly Loginov RUS27
The Winner of the Dragon Gold Cup racing off the coast of Skagen
We thank Gordon Smith, Press Officer, Royal Danish Yacht Club and Dorte Mølgaard for the excellent press reports and interviews. Copies of the daily Sailing Village News and a complete result list are available from Official Website

Live tracking from Skagen was available during racing. Check the replays by clicking Live Tracking .

Gold Cup 2010:
Next Year’s Dragon Gold Cup will be held on the Waters off Marstrand near Gothenburg – Sweden.

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