European Championship 2009

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European Championship 2009

Post by IDA » Sun Oct 11, 2009 10:54 am

Perfect conditions for Dragons at the Europeans in Saint Tropez..
Translated from French: Besides the joy of sailing on a Dragon, which is more in Saint-Tropez, competitors
are very satisfied with this day which offered them fair conditions.
During this second day of competition, the northeast wind is 8 to 11 knots allowed
the race committee to complete its mission today: to launch two races.
With the sleeve of yesterday, all groups met. Now, the 106 Dragon
be grouped into two classes, Gold and Silver depending on the overall
At this stage of the competition, there are "favorites of the series" that stand out
such as Thomas Muller, Markus Wieser, Poul Richard Hoj Jensen, Lars Hendriksen,
Olga White, Louis Urvois Luc Pillot ...
The battle has just begun!
In the series of Dragon, champions dictate their law
It is normal that in a competition, the best love to win but in
dragon, a ritual! While other series or initiate the most professionalized
Young, Class of Dragon gather several champions and Olympic sailors
very high level. So they like to get together with them, distrusting a boat
both competitive and sophisticated. For some, the issue will even have on board the
best helmsman or the most experienced navigator unless either the owner luimême
which happens to be formidable. A goal to be the best to keep his honor.
After three races, the seedings do not miss the call. Found
and the formidable German, Thomas Muller, Vincent Hoesch and Michael Lipp on "SINE
WAVE "taking the top of the table along with the Ukrainian Sergey
Pughchev, Matti Paschen on Bukka QUEEN benefiting from expertise
German Markus Wieser. Also note, Poul Richard Hoj Jensen on "DANISH
BLUE, Lars Hendriksen on "BUNKER BOY, Olga White on" Murk "7 which
stand out.
At this level, everything is still possible. Dragons have been seen with the arrival
strength of Eastern European countries which in recent years ardûment train to win
first places.

Results and information on http://www.snst.orgIDA

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European Championship 2009

Post by IDA » Sun Oct 11, 2009 10:55 am

The Dragon bowed before the storm . For the third day of competition, the race committee, chaired by Georges Korhel could not start a single race. Between seasons and, more importantly, between two areas, the climate and weather is often unpredictable in Saint-Tropez..
(Translated) Friday 9 October
October Aeolus had decided to rest while the storm pointed his nose, hunting and the
hundred Dragon Bay. Tomorrow and after tomorrow, weather permitting, competitors will try to do two
racing to catch up.
Results and information on

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European Championship 2009

Post by IDA » Sun Oct 11, 2009 10:58 am

Fighting leaders and the turnarounds. On Saturday October 10th, despite the uncertain expectation of wind and the first two cancelled departures, the Committee was finally able to run two races in the beautiful
Gulf of St. Tropez..

(Translated by Google) Accompanied by a good wind becoming west 8 to 9 knots, the 106
Crews divided into two groups, "Gold" and "Silver" set off in
fierce competition. At this juncture, Ukrainians, with Markus Weiser their side
Bukka QUEEN on, take the lead in the Gold class. Not far behind,
French Luc Pillot, on Lady Jane, was in top form today.
In "Silver", the alter circumstances continue to blur the prognostic
but the French side, the current champion of the series in France, Christian Boillot on MAH
HA MAH defended well. Tomorrow, if conditions remain favorable, the
Committee will launch a final race that will be decisive to access the podium.
Markus Weiser took the lead back and Luc Pillot
In Gold, in the first round, the fleet has remained fairly consistent with time at
Initially, elbow to elbow between a woman, Olga White on the Dragon Russian Murk 7,
Champion renowned Markus Wieser on the keelboat Ukrainian Bukka QUEEN
German Markus Glas on GIN PALAST.
Meanwhile, Silver side, the current champion of France of the series on Christian Boillot
MAH MAH HA, ahead of his German counterpart, Helmut Schmidt on KLEINE
BREEZE and lehongrois Akos Lutka on SEURO.
But in the second round, several seeded returned in front of the stage.
In Gold, the renowned French Luc Pillot on LADY JANE required before the
President of IDA, Rob Campbell QUICKSILVER IV, the much feared Russian Anatoli
Loginov on ANAPURNA and starred several times world title aliases Lars Hendriksen
of CCCP and Thomas Muller, Vincent Hoesch on SineWave.

Results and daily reports

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European Championship 2009

Post by IDA » Sun Oct 11, 2009 7:34 pm

The invincible German Markus Weiser is the new European Champion and wins the prestigious Heriot Virginia Cup in UKR 7, crewed by Sergey Pughchev and Matti Paschen ..

1 - Bukka QUEEN (UKR 7) Markus Weiser
2 - GIN PALAST (GER 1036) Markus Glas
3 - CCCP (UKR 9) Eugen Braslavets

At the awards ceremony, the Mayor of Saint-Tropez, Jean-Pierre Tuveri thanked the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez, Club volunteers, the partners, Slam and Sillinger and competitors.The Cup City was awarded to the first French Dragon and sixth in General, "LADY JANE" led by Luc Pillot. The price of Semagest was awarded to the first class Silver Dragon German KLEINE BREEZE.

On this beautiful International event the village makes its farewells to a podium and organization at the height of the Class level The team of the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez and its President, André Beaufils, may be satisfied, the flagship event of the year, the Voiles de Saint-Tropez, and the European Championship was once again a huge success.

It must be said that a year ago, when the International Dragon Association learned that Saint -
Petersburg could no longer host the European Championship, all those responsible for the series then turned to André Beaufils, President of NSTW who accepted the challenge. Another challenge is the number, in general, for a European Championship, about 70 Dragons participate in selected races. But again the magic of Saint-Tropez attracted record numbers of registrations. In hosting major sailing events, the club put all its resources
to host the championship in the best conditions and on-shore afterwards.Thus, more than forty volunteers were mobilized for the event and it was most successful. Besides the many festivities offered The Dragons were
satisfied with the professionalism of the race committee chaired by someone who knows the series very well. Tony O'Gormann and the inevitable Director racing NSTW, George Korhel.

They said:
Jean-Pierre Tuveri, Mayor of Saint-Tropez: "This week is ending and we are proud
host for the first time the European Championship in Saint-Tropez waters.
The 19 nationalities and hundreds of committed demonstrate the magnitude of this
test. It is therefore an event of high quality fence that boating season
exceptional. Thank you for the entertainment and pleasure that you have provided, thank you to the
Nautical Society and volunteers for their involvement convey their willingness and
passion. Thank you also to partners, Slam and Sillinger and the International Dragon
Association and the French Association of International Series Dragon
André Beaufils President of the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez: I thank our
SLAM partner who has contributed to the success of this trial, volunteers who take
certain pleasure in offering their time to events, thank you to the City of Saint-Tropez
who supports us and finally, thank you to the competitors that we are every time the honor
come more »

Julien Desmet, Commodore AFSID and defender of proof Dragon St.
"even if the wind was not always the appointment, I received many
thanks and praise from competitors. I must say with Rosa, my
wife, we were one of the last European crews to sail aboard a
Dragon living in the 50s. It's quite extraordinary to note that the series is
always present in the water even if it has evolved into the competition and the
vessel is not living at all ... "

Tony O'Gormann, Race Director:

"I was delighted to learn that the championship was going to happen in St. Tropez. The mission
been completed in all three races of qualifying and two finals were sailed. Both
Gold and Silver groups that have been determined by the first three races has
reflected the high level of the series. Indeed, Olympic champions and other top seeds are
naturally imposed ... "

George Korhel committee which oversees the racing evokes satisfaction "Even if it took
every day until the wind gets up, we are reassured they could make the number
race enough ... "

David Dale, president of the International Dragon Association:
"We must thank the
Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez and Club volunteers who, following the cancellation of St.
Petersburg, has perfectly orchestrated this European Championship 2009. The number of registered
originally planned was increased at the last moment, which is not always easy to manage
including the crane of 106 boats, but again congratulations to the teams that have met this
challenge in a few hours "

Xavier Rouget Luchaire, Vice President of IDA and owner of the Dragon,
the learned
"Saint-Tropez has everything to seduce us, its beauty, body of water located close to the
port with a Gulf closed to heavy swell ... Above the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez
which gives us for the 6th time the possibility to compare between dragons "

Results and Information: on

Direct link: http://www.societe-nautique-sainttropez.
com / regates_courses_saint_tropez_var.php? id_course = 14
Slam, official partner of UEFA European Dragon Saint Tropez
Sillinger, partner NSTW
Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez, President: André Beaufils
Registration: Anne Bogaert, Marie-Caroline Dufour
Quartermaster: Philippe Martinez
Communication: Chloe Brouwer
BP 72-83992 Saint-Tropez
Tel: 0033 (0) 4 94 97 30 54
Fax: 0033 (0) 4 94 97 87 00

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