Derbigum Dragon Gold Cup 2011

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Derbigum Dragon Gold Cup 2011

Post by Webmaster » Tue Nov 30, 2010 10:17 pm

Welcome to Dragon Gold Cup 2011 !

Dear Dragonsailor,

The Belgian Dragon Association and the Royal North Sea Yacht Club RNSYC are very proud to invite you to the Dragon Gold Cup 2011 from September 2nd till September 9th 2011 in Ostend.

Ostend, the queen of beaches near the North Sea is the ultimate location for excellent racing and has outstanding facilities for you, your crew and of course for your Dragon. Marina, craning, clubhouse,… all are located in the heart of the city. Hotels, pubs, and a bubbling nightlife are within walking distance. Stay overnight in cosy hotels, taste great food, meet with old and new friends in Ostend.

The unique sensations of sailing the North Sea with its tides, salty waters,… makes this race one of the highlights of the international Dragon circuit and should not be missed in your agenda.

The Dragon Gold Cup 2011 will definitely be one to remember. In the coming months, the website will be regularly updated with more information and news. Please keep checking now and then.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Ostend !

Organizing Committee


Sunday, 28 August 2011

Launching & Registration 09.00 hrs - 20.00 hrs

Monday, 29 August 2011

Launching & Registration 08.00 hrs - 10.30 hrs
Skippers Meeting 10.30 hrs
Racing 13.00 hrs

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Racing 11.00 hrs

Wednesday, 31 August 2011
Racing 11.00 hrs

Thursday, 01 September 2011
Racing 11.00 hrs


Friday, 02 September 2011
Launching & Registration 09.00 hrs - 20.00 hrs

Saturday, 03 September 2011
Launching & Registration 09.00 hrs - 18.00 hrs
Skippers Meeting 19.00 hrs

Sunday, 04 September 2011
Racing 12.00 hrs

Monday, 05 September 2011
Racing 12.00 hrs

Tuesday, 06 September 2011
Racing 12.00 hrs

Wednesday, 07 September 2011
Racing 12.00 hrs

Thursday, 08 September 2011
Racing 12.00 hrs

Friday, 09 September 2011
Racing 12.00 hrs

Event Website of the Dragon Gold Cup 2011, 2-9 September in Ostend, Belgium

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Derbigum Dragon Gold Cup 2011

Post by Webmaster » Fri Jun 24, 2011 4:56 pm

Ostend welcomes every Dragon sailor personally.

Hilde Veulemans, first alderman of the city of Ostend and responsible for tourism is happy to welcome the Dragon teams in september.

"The Derbigum Dragon Gold Cup is the nautical top event that closes the summer program of the city by the sea. This season is launched in May with Ostend at Anchor, where the Dragon was a special theme. And we conclude with an event that is equivalent to a World Championship. Top sailors from around the world are more than welcome. Give me more reasons to be proud?"

These are the words of Hilde Veulemans, the first Alderman of the city of Ostend and patron of the Derbigum Dragon Gold Cup. She will personally welcome the sailors. Apart from being responsible for Tourism, Veulemans invested many years of work to reinstall the nautical character of the city. The local nautical history goes back to the Dark Ages. Signs and heritage of the fishing fleet, trans-channel ferries services, navy and now yachting are obvious.

"The first week of September is still no closure of the summer season." Veulemans says. "There is the international film festival. But the great nautical atmosphere of our city continues to work through the year. Nowhere else you will find the docks in the middle of a vivid city. They are surrounded by so much conviviality. The Visserskaai is a long series of the most varied restaurants that you can imagine. Look at the menus, the style of the interiors and off course the quality of the chefs. It will be difficult to choose. Moreover, the cuisine of the Royal North Sea Yacht club itself is famous."

Belgium is world famous for its large variety of gastronomy and related eating and drinking culture. Hilde Veulemans " In early September, I would recommend the sailors certainly our local dishes from the sea to taste: shrimps and sole. Shrimp-tomato with handmade mayonnaise and fries are delicious. Shrimp croquettes a local specialty.

And yes: we have our unbeatable Sôle a l'Ostendaise. On the quays and the dike, facing the sea, the world is represented in different restaurants. And our bars are certainly as famous. Nightlife in Ostend attracts people from hundreds of kilometers away."

For those who have time outside the Derbigum Dragon Gold Cup: the program of Ostend leads you from one cultural, glamorous or entertainment peak to another.

Visit the house of painter Ensor, the museum of modern art, the shopping streets in the city centre, the architecture in the area "Petit Paris", the Royal galleries and of course the former school ship Mercator. The elegant barquentine kept her original equipment and preserved the furnishings from the thirties of the last century.

"There is also Free State, an arts festival for young artists who images in surprising places on the East Bank of the Port of Ostend" Mentions Hilde Veulemans yet.

Tourism Ostend helps each Derbigum Dragon Gold Cup participant personally - and also accommodation adapted to the wishes of the team. More:

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Derbigum Dragon Gold Cup 2011

Post by Webmaster » Mon Jun 27, 2011 8:12 pm

Hotel Bookings Dragon Gold Cup.

Toerisme Oostende vzw offers you a free booking service and will co-ordinate all the bookings for the Dragon Gold Cup and Belgian Open Championship.

The team of Toerisme Oostende vzw has excelent contacts and can offer hotel reservations at very competitive rates.

All the hotels are at walking distance from the port.

If you want to make a hotel reservation, please send us the registration form which you can find in the following attachment :
Registration Form for Hotel Bookings
Please note that reservations are very urgent as the options in the hotels expire on the 30/06/2011.

For all information or reservation please contact :

Brigitte Boddin

Toerisme Oostende vzw
Monacoplein 2
8400 Oostende
Tel. (rechtstreeks) : +32(0)59/29.53.35
Tel. (algemeen) : +32(0)59/70.11.99
Fax: +32(0)59/70.34.77
e-mail :

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Derbigum Dragon Gold Cup 2011

Post by Webmaster » Sun Jul 24, 2011 11:34 am

Beware of the bees - Winner Wild Card Derbigum Dragon Gold Cup 2011.

Hans, Bert and Lien De Bie (bee in Dutch) are the winners of the Belgian Dragon Class rookie competition. The option of the Belgian Class organization was to attract young sailors for the Dragon and to offer them a free ticket for the Gold Cup.

Two brothers and their sister, keen dinghy sailors all three of them, won this wild card, including the free use of a Dragon during the Gold Cup. They are really looking forward to push their competitive limits in a keelboat for the first time. But beware: they do not start without any experience and they know the Belgian waters quite well.
Hans, Bert and Lien De Bie, Winners of the Wild Card Derbigum DGC 2011
Hans (26), Bert (29) and Lien (23) De Bie stepped many years ago into Optimists. The trio was present in the Belgian selection for many international races like Europeans and Worlds. Afterwards Lien chose the - at that time - Olympic Europe and switched to the Laser Radial when this class became Olympic. In 2005 she was elected "Yachting Promise of the year", by the Belgian Yachting Association. Bert and Hans went for the 420.

"We heard of the opportunity of winning the Derbigum Dragon Gold Cup wild card, offered by the Belgian Dragon Class Association. We filled out the form at the Belgian Boat Show in February with great expectations," says Hans De Bie.
"Since we recently found our ways in our professional lives, we are keen to restart competitive sailing. This is not only a great opportunity to enter the circuit through the door of the highest level. It is also a great offer to promote the class amongst young sailors and push back the prejudice that sailing is reserved only for a selected few."

This summer, the tree Bees (De Bies) will board any Dragon available in Belgium to maximalise their knowledge of the intelligent boat and her rig. Time and the availability permitting they will also sail the Open Belgian Championship with the Petticrows on which they will sail the Gold Cup.

"Our main target for the Derbigum Dragon Gold Cup is to finish within the top five of at least one race.", says Hans De Bie.

This firm statement hides greater ambitions of this buzzy trio.

Register now for the Derbigum Dragon Gold Cup 2011 !
Fill in the entry form and look forward to an unforgettable sailing experience !

Already 72 boats are participating the Gold Cup 2011 in Ostend. Do not miss this unique North Sea opportunity. Serious racing, but also lots of fun in the city near the sea. Register on our website - click here!

Continue to follow the Derbigum Dragon Gold Cup on Facebook and on the website
In the mean time we will keep you posted.

Take care, dear sailing enthusiasts !

Peter De Gryse - President BDA

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Derbigum Dragon Gold Cup 2011

Post by Webmaster » Thu Aug 11, 2011 5:59 pm

Turbo of tide, Belgian Dragon Nationals.

To try & win the Belgian Nationals last year I first had to turn up with a good boat and crew. My choice of Peter Bowring (Ireland) and Nol Tas (Holland) could not have been better as they were both experienced Dragon Sailors and both understand tide... Indeed we won with a day to spare! So some of this information may help you and your team...

Watch out for the current

In many ways the tide is more important than the wind in Ostend. The wind can increase and decrease over the race course but the tide remains consistent and predictable, with excellent information given out by the club along with the sailing instructions.

More about local currents and tides: HERE

Once you study the charts and find out where the various sand banks are (which are usually marked with cardinal buoys) then apply the local tidal directions, which are given on one very straight forward sheet of paper, you're ahead of the curve. This of course applies to most tidal venues - so let's talk a bit more about Ostend itself: Make sure you know High Water time and the tide "Change" out on the race course.......

Channels and sand banks

You will very quickly become accustomed to the shipping entering and leaving Ostend - and the 'traffic lights' that keep things in order. It is very straightforward as the cross-channel ferries come and go over the horizon... But when I first began sailing in Belgium the light shipping could also leave Ostend and turn immediately along the shore! (Not today!) There used to be a channel that ran fairly close to the shore, inside some of the sand banks. This inside channel is no longer used by shipping as over the years the sand has shifted and I guess it's too risky to use unless more dredging is carried out.

But the presence of this inside channel can make a lot of difference when part of the race area. It can mean that sometimes you need to sail a little further off-shore than you think rather than sail close in to the shore (which is what would normally give an advantage at another venue). Assuming you're sailing AGAINST the tide of course! Similarly - for the same reason - I have also made gains by keeping close to the shore in certain areas, when sailing WITH the tide. Again the tide flows stronger in this "old channel" than over the shallower sand banks.... So check out this inner channel...

Tide turbo

Keeping a watchful eye on the whole fleet will show you what side, middle or shore part of the course is paying. Of course if it pays to stay in the shallow water when you are against the tide and make sure you stay away from the shallows when you come back down with the spinnaker up and looking for maximum tidal gains....

On a final note - don't just think of tide as a conveyor belt either taking you to or away from the marks of the course. The tide - and it's effect on the sea, your apparent wind, and the trim of the boat will also have implications on how you trim and sail the boat. Be mindful not to be too fixed in how you set the boat up.

The optimum trim on one tack, may be quite different to the other tack - or on the first beat, different to what you need on the third / final beat of the day. You may well start a race where you have wind and tide running together giving you flatter water, but only an hour or two later this could have changed and with wind over tide a short chop will quickly develop! So think about the conditions you're racing in at the time and not 20 minutes or an hour earlier. On the run too - there can also be a lot to think about.

Ostend can quickly produce a good sea - and I can recall many enjoyable downwind legs where "Surf's Up!". But we all know that one gybe may give a better angle for the waves than another. If it's windy and we have a good sea when rounding the top mark think about your course over the ground and how surfing may be able to help you sail a lower course... Should you gybe that little bit earlier? If you stand on too long, will you lost the optimum angle or full benefit of the seas..? Always try to sail low as possible when you catch the waves.....
Victory and tide tables

So campers.... There's a lot to think about - and the wind and tide are just the start. Get those right, nail the trim and boatspeed, sail smart and the rest could be history. But one thing is for sure - the winner of the upcoming Gold Cup will have worked very hard for their victory! Ostend - if all my past experiences are anything to go by - will provide us with a challenging and thoroughly enjoyable week of racing! Look forward to seeing you all there.

Higher, Faster, Longer............

Want to know more ?

Management Unit of the North Sea Mathematical Models

Meetnet Vlaamse Banken (Survey Flemish Banks)

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Derbigum Dragon Gold Cup 2011

Post by Webmaster » Fri Sep 09, 2011 7:34 pm

Markus Wieser (UKR 7) wins Gold Cup.

After two thrilling races on the last day, the final curtain over this year’s Gold Cup fell. Only four races could have been sailed, because of the wind and wave conditions.

Bunker Queen (UKR 7), steered by Markus Wieser brings the Gold Cup home.
Aimee (GBR 720), steered by Graham Baily, wins the Corinthian Cup.
The Nations Cup goes to Russia.

After three days of severe winds and mighty waves, the Derbigum Dragon Gold Fleet went out early this morning to sail two races.

The Gold Cup will be or will not be. Luckily the wind gods of this corner of the North Sea understood the message. The wind will drop and veer to the west, the guys from weather4 expeditions predicted.
And that is exactly what happened.

After the first start, the fleet cut in two. The left side went towards the beach, the right side steered deeper into sea. But soon some drizzle limited the visibility, which meant that one more aspect was added to this race: sheer navigation. The right side looked better, where the current was weakening.
UKR 7 Winner of the Derbigum Dragon Gold Cup 2011
Markus Wieser (Bunker Queen – UKR 7) picks up the right wind, steers his dragon the right way between de cross waves and finishes first.
GBR 720 Aimee, Winner of the Corinthians
In the second race of this day, the wind veers even more and although the race officers keep adapting the course to the shifts and the weakening wind, the battle in the forefront of the fleet is severe.

Jørgen Shönherr (African Queen - DEN 401) points a fraction higher and beats Mikael Apukhtin in less than a boat length on the finish line.

Peter de Gryse is not only happy this Gold Cup was sailed. “I’m most grateful for the collaboration with my team of volunteers and the people of the IDA., he says. “ We never had a championship blocked by the weather conditions before. There must be a first time for everything. But from what I hear from the sailors, the level of competition was dense and the North Sea was completely herself.

Results Derbigum Dragon Gold Cup overall

Results Derbigum Dragon Gold Cup - Corinthian Cup
Russia won the Nations Cup 2011
Results Derbigum Dragon Gold Cup - Nations Cup

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