Dragon Pacific Rim Interport

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Dragon Pacific Rim Interport

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Words: Rupert Street (RHKYC) | Photos: Dale Northey (RVYC)
To be or not to be? That is the question; for there are times when returning with glory is enough to tell the story, and there are times when no glory can be blurred by statistics and the truth. Well you can guess where this is going and I hope you enjoy the story and it most certainly is no work of Shakespeare.

Once more the Hong Kong team accepted the Pacific Rim Dragon Interport challenge and made their way to Vancouver for the event which took place from 10 to 12 September. This year we had full participation; our hosts Canada were supported by Japan and Australia, meaning that we would have a round robin of four teams.

Our Team Captain Andreas Brechbuhl pulled some fantastic rabbits from a wide number of hats in order to get a complement of nine team members. Vancouver, not being as close as say Middle Island or Shelter Cove, presented some logistical issues. Joining Andreas were Phyllis and Lowell Chang, Guy Russell, Nick Bilcliffe, Daniel Pang, Victor Pang (not related), one Canadian – Earle Briggs - and Rupert Street. Not all were veteran Dragon sailors; shockingly, one of our team, Guy, is a Ruffian! But as Guy pointed out, the Ruffian fleet did win the Club’s Champion of Champions this year.

The format of the event is three-boat team racing, meaning six boats in each flight. Hunter, our Race Officer, delivered a tight line and a starboard box course, which meant that it was key to start well and dominate the approach to the first mark. Our first race against the Australians started slowly with all three helms covering or being covered by their opposing boat. Like all team racing events
in other people’s boats, the first race on the first day is not so much team racing as match racing, and as such, once the positions are set then little conversion occurs. In Hong Kong’s case we were sadly 2nd, 5th and 6th which was a loss. The key however is not to give in, and the losing team members must never give up. The racing was close and although a bit of a procession, contact was maintained and helms watching.

Full article on the recent Dragon Pacific Rim Interport Vancouver, September 2015 by Rupert Street (RHKYC), Photos Dale Northey (RVYC)

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