Rejuvenating a 1986 Borresen

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Rejuvenating a 1986 Borresen

Post by Dragon in St Barths » Tue Jun 05, 2018 1:39 pm

I just purchased a 1986 Borresen which was initially owned by an Englishman so most of the fittings are Petticrows (or maybe because BB was out of business).

The boat will probably no longer race in a Dragon class yet I would like to update and simplify the boat. The boat and I are currently in the caribbean so I cannot get much advice from a specialist locally.

I was wondering if I could find a help here?...
I have to mention that I have never sailed a Dragon : The closest boat I have sailed are Etchells and that was a few years ago... (30)

At this point I am taking the boat apart to refurbish the deck and repaint the hull. In doing so I have stumbled on a few decades of "improvements" abandoned by the following owner, meaning lots of holes, pulleys and questions.

So I am looking for help in general!

My first question here would be : Do I need to (should I) adapt Petticrows' mast chock kit ? Or should I just install Petticrows' mast gate & sock? (The current system are two piece of homemade pieces held around the mast by an elastic).

Second question : There are 2 port and starboard cleats on the cockpit roof. I forgot to write down what they are for yet I am thinking of installing them under the cockpit roof.

Thanks for any input.

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