BB Dragon – a legend lives on

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BB Dragon – a legend lives on

Post by Webmaster » Tue Jul 17, 2012 8:54 pm

For decades the world has to come to Denmark for the very finest in building of the International Dragon class of yacht, and the letters "BB" - short for Børresens Bådebyggeri - and the instantly recognisable rings of the BB logo, have become a symbol for the ultimate quality in Dragons. Now the continuation of the BB legend has been assured because Vejle Yachts Service in Denmark has taken over production of the Dragon in the BB name, together with those famous rings. Vejle Yacht Service will also be producing the exquisite BB 10 Metre.
BB-dragon 031.jpg
Vejle Yachts Service has already gained international recognition for their work with Dragons – since 2006 they have been building what are probably the fastest Dragons in the world under the name Royal Dragon. But with this latest move these yachts will be rebranded and the BB Dragon name will once more be associated with the finest Dragons.

Vejle Yacht Service is owned by Thomas Egeskov. Thomas originally trained as a boat builder at Børresens Bådebyggeri, so for Egeskov it has been a great point of honor to help preserve a name that became such a legend in the yachting world, and also to have the opportunity to relaunch the BB 10 Metre.
The production facilities at Vejle Yacht Service have also been strengthened by the addition of a rigging workshop. Thus, the BB Dragon mast with its characteristic teardrop profile will be produced by VYS alongside the BB 10 Metre mast and rigging. Aside from the BB Dragons and the BB 10 Metre, Vejle Yacht Service will continue to produce the In rigger rowing boats, supply spare parts and of course carry out repairs and maintenance of classic yachts as well as highly tuned racers - in fact, all the time honored tradition of Danish boat craftsmanship. The direct connection of Børresen Bådebyggeri with the BB Dragon will continue as Børresen will act as sales agent for the new BB boats.

For further information please contact:

Thomas Egeskov –
+45 22 95 94 73

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