Missing Genoa

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Missing Genoa

Post by IDA » Sat Jul 11, 2009 11:07 am

Can anyone help? The IDA has received the following communication regarding a missing Heavy Genoa (North Sails) Cool Running's GBR748 - Thorkild Junker:

We discovered on the 7th July while preparing for the Edinburgh Cup that we are missing our heavy jib - obviously haven't done much heavy weather sailing recently!!

Now, we think the last time we saw it (it is brand new and unused and with our name on the bag) was on the dock in Douarnenez at the Petit Nevere. We think that someone at the regatta packed it up with their sails by mistake as it was on the pontoon in preparation if we experienced heavy airs.

In our haste to catch a ferry from Cherbourg we had not noticed that it was not in our trailer.

It is in a blue North Sail’s bag with Cool Running’s and Thorkild Juncker on the name tag and the relevant Class stamps.

Do you have a distribution list for the International Class or alternatively could you provide a contact who would enable us to contact the entrants to the event to check their trailer box’s for the sail.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Best regards,

On behalf of Thorkild Juncker
Cool Runnings
GBR 748

Gavin Maguire

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