Sail Numbers - a note from the IDA Technical Committee

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Sail Numbers - a note from the IDA Technical Committee

Postby Webmaster » Tue Aug 09, 2016 11:23 am

It has been noted that several Dragons are using the same sail number for different boats. Competitors and Race Organisers are reminded that this is not in compliance with CR 1.83.2 which states:

“Each country shall issue sail numbers which shall be consecutive beginning from one. The number shall be preceded by the national letter(s). Each number shall be used once only.”

The IDA Technical Committee asks National Authorities to ensure that in future sail numbers are issued in accordance with this rule.

In regattas each Dragon is required [RRS App G1.1(c)] to use the sail number allotted by their national authority and which is on the boat's measurement certificate, unless the respective Race Committee has given specific dispensation to use another number [either by direct written application or via the NOR or SIs - RRS App G3]. This allows charterers to use their own sails and those few owners with more than one boat to use their sails across these boats as long as the Race Committee allows them to do so.”

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