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Message from the Secretary

Post by Webmaster » Sat Mar 15, 2014 7:46 pm

According to the pictures published by the Technical Committee in February, showing wooden chocks and a steel frame attached to a Barney Post and a Traveller Beam, the Technical Committee has now published a Ruling on the matter. (Ruling No. 4) It can be found on the IDA website under Rules and Regulations/ Class Rules/ Technical Committee Rulings.

Technical Committee Ruling Number 4 Dated 12/03/2014 (Rule 13.20 on page 3)

Please also note the changes to the International Ranking List which also can be found on the IDA website under International Ranking List. Only Championship Regattas (WC, EC and DGC), Grade 1 regattas and Grade 2 regattas that are National Championships count towards the IRL. The reason for this change is that it took a lot of administration to add all the grade 2 regattas to the list, it was hard to get all the results in and the regattas had very little impact on the ranking.

Definition of the International Ranking List IDA-IRL 2014

For those of you, who for National or private reasons run other ranking lists, the factors from 2013 can still be found for all grade 2 regattas under Fixtures and Results.

IDA Fixtures and Results

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