Technical Committee Rulings

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Technical Committee Rulings

Post by Webmaster » Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:15 pm

Technical Committee Ruling Number 3 Dated October 13th 2010.

Under rule 6.103, from 1st January 2011.

If the mast ram (or controller) is not capable of limiting the mast movement to 50mm at deck level by the means of a natural or mechanical stop, chocks shall be fitted to ensure that this rule is not being infringed..

Technical Committee Ruling Number 2 Dated April 22nd 2010

Rule 1.24 Advertising

Current Rule Advertising is permitted only in accordance with ISAF RRS Category A. ISAF have changed their regulations this year and therefore we need to change our rule to reflect their new regulations. This does not change the current position and will be put formally to the AGM later this year.

New Rule 1.24

Advertising is permitted under ISAF Regulation 20. However, in accordance with ISAF Regulation 20.5.1, no competitor advertising may be displayed pursuant to ISAF Regulation The Class will operate to this revised wording with immediate effect.

Technical Committee Ruling Number 1 Dated January 12th 2010

Rule 6.102

Under this rule it states that the heel of the mast shall be fixed and that a free movement of 10 mm does not infringe this rule. Following a request from an owner for proposal to fix the heel of the mast to the mast step and allow the mast step to move 10 mm, it was deemed that this proposal was not permitted under the Class Rules.

Mike Hayles
Technical Committee Chairman

Technical Committee Rulings in pdf

IDA Class Rules & Plans to read and print

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