NA Dragons April Newsletter

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NA Dragons April Newsletter

Post by lagarrett » Fri Apr 13, 2012 12:50 am

Latest news from North American Dragons

It's been a busy year so far at the ADA. Members held an AGM in February where they approved a new Constitution (now available on the website on the Members page), a new National Secretary (Anne Garrett) and a fee increase to promote the class. Because of our geographical distances, the AGM was held by email with online voting on the motions. All motions were passed unanimously.

Dragon Class Promotion

Successful Class Promotion consists of a lot of parts. One part is raising our profile nationally, and as a first step, the ADA has joined US Sailing, the US national authority for the ISAF. This gives ADA members a discount for joining US Sailing and a clickable link to the NA Dragons website on their One Design page. Sailors looking for a One Design Class can click through to our website and check us out. And we're looking at taking out an ad in Harken One Design for 2013.

Another part is raising our profile with the IDA, whose mandate is to promote Dragon sailing worldwide. We've had initial discussions with the IDA Chairman about how they can help develop the North American Dragon Class. And we've talked to the Australians about how they have sucessfully grown the Dragon fleets down under. Lots of good ideas. And a final part is helping local fleets get visibility. Someone in the Vancouver Fleet had some Dragon logo baseball caps made, so we copied that good idea (thanks Ayrborn!) and have ordered over 70 custom baseball caps for many of our members. They were just mailed out to Members today. We were also designing a car sticker for local fleets to use.

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