International Swiss Dragon Championship 16.-20.5.2012

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International Swiss Dragon Championship 16.-20.5.2012

Post by swissdragon » Wed Feb 08, 2012 8:30 am

Dear Dragon-Class Sailors,
We are happy to welcome you to our yacht club for this year’s Swiss Championship. The
Dragon-Class has a long-standing tradition in our club’s history. Regattas took place
here fifty years ago, when a large amount of Dragon-Class yachts were docked in our
harbour. Traveling to other destinations with one’s Dragon was already possible at the
time, but far more complicated that it is today. The Dragon was hoisted with a crane
onto a large truck in order to be transported to lakes in Bavaria or in Switzerland. We
cannot forget the long train of tugboats with our club’s cash register Gisela, that sometimes
transported up to 20 Dragons from Lake Ober to the Perkin Elmer regatta in
Überlingen. Now that the Dragon-Class has the opportunity to set sail again on Lake
Constance, we are particularly looking forward to holding the International Swiss Championship
here in Überlingen. Although the Swiss border is a few kilometers away, we
wish to conduct this international regatta according to the official race rules stipulated
by the Swiss Dragon Association and Swiss Sailing.
Our club and our beautiful clubhouse with its gastronomic offering are open to all participants and their guests.
They provide an ideal setting for relaxation and for discussing the day’s regatta.
In the name of the Lake Constance Yacht Club Überlingen, I would like to hereby invite
you to participate in this year’s Swiss Dragon-Class Championship in Überlingen.
Klaus Reiser

Tune up Race 12./13. May 2012
Stader Pokalregatta and Swiss Alpencup
Notice of Race to follow on
Meldung SM12_bs.pdf
SM12 Ausschreibung.pdf
NOR Swiss Championship


International Swiss Dragon Championship 16.-20.5.2012

Post by swissdragon » Sat Apr 14, 2012 4:08 pm

Bodensee-Yachtclub ÜBERLINGEN
May we remind you, that the deadline of entries will be April 16th.
Please sign in as quickly as possible.
Thanks and kind regards
Swiss Dragon Association: Dieter Schmid, president

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