OPEN FRENCH CHAMPIONSHIP - Ron James takes the lead

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OPEN FRENCH CHAMPIONSHIP - Ron James takes the lead

Post by GaileSailing » Sat Mar 30, 2013 11:31 am

Text by François RICHARD
RACE FOR UNDER THE SUN tacticians. Friday, March 29, 2013
(Traduction Google)

The morning rain gave way to a beautiful sun. First off the wind is formed by allowing a pretty eventful race around 8 knots flagging six. The logic of a breeze initial facing south could promote those who wanted to leave to the west of the course and this was the case in late first president.

The British Ron James and his wife Julia and their teammate Nigel Young pulled the edges good and led the first president but yielded just the advantage of the brand Thierry Hamelle, one of the best local dragonists. In the first downwind the Cannes Gerard Blanc took advantage and spent pretty much the head downwind. Like many other crews emerged he left in the second near beginner but at the same time the breeze turned sharply to 30 ° to the east which then gave the advantage to the Bretons Fra 207 Gourlaouen So Fred, Theo and Moussion Axelle Nedellec. Past head to wind in evil they negotiated the dog leg and were renewed by English Ron James was undoubtedly always placed in the top three in this race and his own admission could also benefit small strokes of luck tactics, while demonstrating excellent speed has all gaits.

Ron James is a scientist shows his lab has made since the first cloning the historical occurrence of the nearby famous sheep Dolly. He is a member of the Royal Firth YC Edimburg but leaves his dragon winter Cannes and frequently participates in major regattas in the Mediterranean. The wind weaker banned the organization of a second race.

Results of the first race
: 1/ Ron James GBR 2 / Emmanuel Nebout YC Grande Motte 3 / Frederic Gourlaouen SR Douarnenez 4 / Gerard Blanc YC Cannes 5 / Thierry Hamelle Grande Motte YC 6 / Christian Charrée Grande Motte YC 7 / YC Pierre Francois Grande Motte

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