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Text by François RICHARD
(Google traduction)

Change of scenery and wind. Strong breeze from west yesterday has given way
a Third day of light winds tailored for tacticians and experts in concentration. Offshore wind in the morning overcast and after a favorable departure ultimately take control of the fleet fast German and English January Voortmann Ron James. Already won the first round it confirmed a great speed on flat water dominating the entire race, which was shortened. While Voortman strayed on the wrong board early in the second member of the meadows YC Jean Breger Grande Motte took over and even when the head forward, towards the end to get back through Ron James. Unfortunately for Breger he loses the benefit of his performance as he cut the starting line too early and finds herself disqualified from the race. The Toulon Didier Cuny inspired the last edge and fast on his old Dragon finally going second.
Departure marked by confusion for the fourth round, this time with the real sun and wind with income turned southwest. Half of dragonists seems to have missed the right timing and a few others leave just shot. These are among the other Cannes Gerard BLANC (top overall) and La Baule Remy Arnaud. in a low wind less than 5 knots they darken the left first, then refocus but see themselves in extremis precede little by Thierry Hamelle YC member Grande Motte which will increase its lead of nearly 60 meters in end of the tailwinds.
Thierry Hamelle opted for a strategy right for the last leg. It is followed by the Cannes but both are wrong unlike Remy Arnaud who opts for a rebound from the left and will finish first followed by John Breger decidedly rapid breeze breeze.
The win Remy Arnaud, his son Pascal Civel Herald and take the overall lead with 6 pts on advance before Gerard Blanc, before the final day of racing. Its great regularity and speed also noticed in all the breezes, Thierry Hamelle is in third position ahead of Jean Guillard, another La Baule.
Much less inspired two standing handles Emmanuel is now sixth.


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