Just a brilliant day – premium weather for the sailors

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Just a brilliant day – premium weather for the sailors

Post by malevents » Sat Jun 15, 2013 4:33 pm

BMW Yachtsport Evening with BMW Racing Parcour

15th June 2013 - The long wait yesterday ashore has weather god Rasmus done well again today. The approximately 150 sailors of the BMW Dragon Grand Prix in Kühlungsborn were rewarded with a total of three races in glorious sunshine. "The wind turned during the race with around 20 - 30 degrees, but we were able to sail the races gorgeous. The first two races we had around 15 knots - in the afternoon the wind picked up properly, since we were on the border to 25 knots”, said race director Andreas Denecke.

The start of the first race had to be canceled because of several jump starts. Only with the black flag, the sailors could be disciplined at the second start. This race dominated by the Danes with helmsman Jens Christensen. From the start till the finish they could take the pole position. In the second place, their fellow countrymen fought with DEN 138. At the first windward mark still in the middle of the 50 boat strong field, the team with helmsman Lars Hendriksen got off to a gust after another and put it on a beautiful downwind course. Third was the GER 1133 with Thomas Müller, Vincent Hoesch and Michael Lipp. The fourth race was run even better for the team of the Norddeutscher Regatta Verein. At the first windward mark in third place, the team took on steadily and proved a good hand in that race with shifting winds. In the end they won the fourth race and referred Stephan Link and his crew on the second and Volvo Ocean Race participants Lawrie Smith and his team to third place. "Just a brilliant day," said Michael Lipp. The winner of the first race Jens Christensen wanted too much in this race and was disqualified after jump start.

The Briton and reigning world champion Lawrie Smith didn´t refuse to be intimidated of the Baltic Sea. In the third race, he delivered himself up with his crew Tim Tavinor and Ossie Stewart a close duel with the German crew of helmsman Benjamin morning. The two boats sailed quickly well before the rest of the field. Lawrie Smith in front, Morgen struggled ever closer. He sat down at the barrel before the British. When downwind course the Briton came dangerously close, but Morgen, with the reigning European champion Gustavo Lima, quietly sailed the race victory. And in third position: again Thomas Müller! Thus, the native of Hamburg secured the overall lead. He has six points ahead of the British Lawrie Smith before Benjamin Morgen (NRV).

At the evening the sailors are going to celebrate the BMW Yachtsport Evening. Here, the beer is on tap from the authentically rebuilt BMW five hundred. In the trunk of the Oldtimer is a gold dispenser. Plus there's live music with a jazz duo to leave in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the exciting and exhausting day of sailing safely relaxed. Daily prices, the sailors of the first three places in the last two races get (race 2: GER 1133 Thomas Müller, GER 1125 Stephan Link, GBR 785 Lawrie Smith; race 3: GER 1103 Benjamin Morgen, GBR 785 Lawrie Smith, GER 1133 Thomas Mueller) remote-controlled BMW models like the BMW Z4, X6 and a model from the 6 series. The first three places in the first race get prizes from the partner Marinepool (Jens Christensen DEN 407, DEN 138 Lars Hendriksen, GER 1133 Thomas Müller).

Highlight of the evening will be the launch of the BMW racing course. The helmsmen of winning crews (Thomas Müller and Benjamin Morgen) can continue to be played in competition on land. With his winnings, BMW X6 models, they need to drive a skill course. The winner will get to experience driving pleasure in the original - a BMW model of his choice is it for a week. Bernd Döpke BMW AG, international vice president of corporate and direct sales, is enthusiastic about the dragon class event at the Baltic Sea, "I look forward to the special evening. It was a wonderful day of sailing with wind and sun. The dynamics of the dragons on the water perfect match for BMW's claim to beauty and elegance. Of these properties, the winner of the BMW racing parcour can then also convince himself, if he can test the BMW of his choice”.

Tomorrow on the final day of the BMW Dragon Grand Prix the races are going to begin again at 10 am. By 14 am is the last possible warning signal - after that then the price giving ceremony. The winner will receive the coveted crystal vase, HM Queen Silvia of Sweden has selected.

All results: http://www.dragon-grand-prix.de

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