Class Layers - Introduction and Part 1

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Wise Counsel

Post by ROBERT ALPE » Thu Aug 10, 2006 2:50 am

Wise Counsel given to me ‘off Forum’ has suggested the Class Layers as I have proposed them, require modification. I would be interested in other views on this.

1: All-professional crews paid for by an organisation. These are still rare, so far as the Wise Counsel knows, and is not sure that they will get much more numerous except perhaps where an employee or owner of a business is involved. Wise Counsel doesn't think the promotional benefits are significant, though they might be greater if ISAF permitted advertising.

2: Boats with professionals on board, probably paid by the owner. Wise Counsel thinks it is important to distinguish this from the affluent amateur crew. Wise Counsel states the problem that definitely exists in Europe is the perception that it is increasingly necessary to have at least one professional on board in order to do well. This pushes up the cost much more than buying sails.

3: Affluent regular regatta-going amateurs. Wise Counsel believes they probably fit into this group, though perhaps with fewer regattas and more club sailing than the median example i provided.

4: Your enthusiastic amateur category. Wise Counsel thinks these people can be defined as attending at least one "event" per year, though that may well be at national, not international, level.

5: Club racing participants, who may, of course, be equally enthusiastic.

6: Others. Wise Counsel states there are many people who own Dragons for the supposed joys of restoring them and more reasonably(particularly in the Netherlands and on the lakes) the fun of simply sailing them.

Your comments on this would be appreciated.

Thank you

Robert Alpe

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