Election of Officers

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Election of Officers

Post by Webmaster » Tue Jul 14, 2015 3:23 pm

Currently, there are 4 candidates for 2 vacant officer positions for election at the next IDA agm in October. Both Stephane Baseden (France) and Vasily Senatorov (Russia) have expressed an interest in becoming the next Chairman. Anne Garrett (USA) and Helmut Schmidt (Germany) are both candidates for the vacant Vice Chairman position.

The officers have agreed to ask the candidates to share their views about how they will approach their role if elected. This is in line with current practices of good corporate governance and transparency.

It was agreed at a recent Executive Committee meeting of the IDA officers that all future candidates for positions as officers in the IDA would be asked to submit their responses to ten questions outlined below. The answers to these questions would be submitted to the current officers for consideration and they would be used to help guide the IDA to elect the best candidates.

While individual sailors are free to express their views on this topic, these views do not necessarily represent the views of the members of the Executive Committee.

Questions for candidate Chairman / Vice-Chairman

1. His/her vision for the Dragon Class – short and medium term and where he/she would like to see it in 10 to 15 years’ time.

2. The skills and commitment he/she can bring to managing the affairs of the IDA.

3. Professionalism in the class.

4. How to redress/maintain the balance between professional and Corinthian sailors and encourage Corinthian sailors to take part in major regattas.

5. How to encourage competitors to encompass the Corinthian spirit of the class?

6. How do we keep the class together?

7. Changes in class rules and the use of modern technology.

8. Major sponsorship deals – the advantages and disadvantages.

9. The Championship Regulations and adherence to the Regulations.

10. The IDA constitution and areas where it might need further review and update

Tim Pearson
July 2015

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