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International Ranking List

Post by IDA » Wed Feb 28, 2018 3:20 pm

Some sailors are wondering why the International Ranking List (IRL) for 2017 does not include the Gold Cup 2017 which concluded in St Tropez on 20 October.

The answer is in the IRL rules. The IRL period runs from 15 October to 14 October the following year, so the Gold Cup 2017 is not included because it does not fall within these dates. It will count for the 2018 IRL.

When the International Ranking List was set up around 10 years ago the Officers picked 14th October for the cut-off date, so that they could announce the IRL winner each year at the IDA AGM (usually held 3rd week of October).

The major championships that are included in the IRL do vary from year to year, for example
2015 Worlds, Europeans and Gold Cup
2016 Europeans and Gold Cup
2017 Worlds and Europeans
2018 Gold Cup, Europeans and Gold Cup
2019 Worlds and Gold Cup

The full rules for the IRL are available on the website: (Definition of the Dragon Ranking List (pdf))

Tim Pearson, Secretary IDA

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