80th Anniversary of the Dragon Class

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80th Anniversary of the Dragon Class

Post by IDA » Sat Aug 23, 2008 10:50 am

Next year the Class celebrates 80 years of Dragon racing around the World. We feel that having held a major celebration of our 75th Anniversary at St Tropez in 2004 another similar event is not necessary, though it is recognised that 80 years is a significant period for any Class to be racing and still increasing its numbers of active boats and sailors..

The Officers suggest that National Associations may wish to recognise this by nominating one (or more) event(s) to be their celebratory Regatta during their normal sailing programme in 2009 and Robert Alpe has very kindly designed an 80th Anniversary Logo, which I would encourage you to use for your ‘branding’ of the chosen event.

If you do decide to do this could you please keep me and David Dale informed so that we can include the designated events in next years Yearbook and on the Class website.

As you will see from the attached files below, Robert has prepared a zip file containing all logo formats for 95% of applications and a MustReadMe file that explains the do's and do not's of usage. It is most important for those using the logo to read this document carefully. In due course this section will be designed to enable organisers to add news of their own events.

I very much look forward to hearing your plans for this significant Class achievement.

Rob Campbell,
International Dragon Association
80th Anniversary Logo

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