Late Launching in Canada

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Late Launching in Canada

Post by John » Sun Jul 19, 2009 8:49 pm

While most of you launch early in the year, here in New Brunswick Canada our season starts somewhat later. I was able to launch my old Dragon in July, 10 days ago. I would imagine you all know what happens when a 50 year old wooden boat, that has no other sealant than a coat of antifouling paint hits the water. This year I had painstakingly removed all the old oakum, filling compound and other stuff that former owners have jammed into the big cracks that appear between the cavel planks of this old boat. Prior to launch you could see daylight through many of the seams. I had been instructed by an old boat builder that this was the thing to do, and a well made boat would seal water tight after a good soaking. Here we do not have any yacht clubs with lifts, so to get the boat in requires hiring a crane. (see photo).
Upon entering the water, my poor boat looked like one of those new shower stalls where water comes in from every possible angle. There was even water shooting straight up like a fountain. Bets were being made on the dock as to how long it would be before I had made donation to the provinces underwater marine museum.
No worries, after reading the posting about the dragon sinking I had installed not one, but two bilge pumps. They both immediately started to work, but there was little hope of them keeping ahead of the in-flooding waters. There was a back up. Here we have a pump called a Wajacks which is used to pump water from lakes to fight forest fires. Gas powered pump with a two inch fire hose coming off of it. With this fired up and sitting in the boat we were able to come to a draw with the water flooding in. It was touch and go for about 4 hours, but eventually the boat started to seal. One week later this old boat is on her mooring with very little leakage
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Re: Late Launching in Canada

Post by Mickey Lake » Tue Jul 28, 2009 10:57 pm

Great stuff, John. Wonderful to hear about your boat and to see her looking so spry!

Mickey Lake
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