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Back to the Bay of Naples.

Some of the most beautiful Dragons will be on stage in the bay of Naples 29 June-3 July 2011, in the same waters that saw the then Prince Konstantin of Greece winning the 1960 Olympic Gold Medal for this class.

The host, the Royal Yacht Club Canottieri Savoia (RYCCS), having put behind seven very successful editions of the Vele d’Epoca, Classic Yachts meeting and races, is now embarking in a new ambitious project to bring back classic Dragons to compete in a prestigious environment and event. In fact, in the 8thedition of the Vele d’Epoca, together with some of the greatest classic yachts ever, Dragons will also participate that were built before 1972, the last time when Dragons competed in the Olympic Games.

The Neapolitan Club will aim at reconnecting once again the city’s memory with another glorious time of her sailing history. This was when the city was selected to host the 1960 Olympic Games and when a Dragon, Venilia, flying the RYCCS pennant won the Bronze Medal with Nino Cosentino at the helm, and Giulio De Stefano and Antonio Ciciliano crewing.

Since then, some of the beautiful Italian-built Dragons remained in Naples, as Ausonia, I-1 or ITA-1, owned by the RYCCS and built by Beltrami Boatyard of Vernazzola to take part in the 1948 London Olympic Games in the Bay of Torquay.

The President of the RYCCS, Pippo Dalla Vecchia, with the support of the Italian Classic Yachts Association (AIVE) and the Italian Dragon Association, AssoDragone, will take back the classic Dragons to Naples and Santa Lucia harbour. Ausonia and Blue Mallard, ITA-1 and ITA-2 respectively, now being lovingly restored to their erstwhile glorious appearances at the Pezzini Boatyard in Viareggio, will lead the fleet.

Boats and their crews will compete for the Coppa d’Oro, Gold Cup named after, and donated in 1959 for the Dragon class races by, Eduardo Pepe, an influent Neapolitan lawyer and two times the club’s president.
This is what Pippo Dalla Vechia had to say: “For many years the Coppa d’oro Eduardo Pepe has been jealously kept in the Savoia Yacht Club’s vault. We believe this is 7p.the apt occasion to assign the Cup to the winner of this forthcoming Classic Dragon regatta, as it were at the beginning of the Gold Cup history when it was assigned to the Dragon Class.

After this June 2011 event, we expect the Gold Cup to have a new exciting and long life. The Savoia Yacht Club has dedicated great part of its energies to rekindle the Bay ofNaples sailing glories. This is why so many efforts went in promoting Classic Yachts and classic boats in general like the Classic 12 foot Dinghy.

The Classic Dragons will join this project. These are boats full of history that still create great emotions and interest and are rigorously wooden-built boats. We deliberately put the threshold year of construction at 1972, the year when Dragons competed for the last time in the Olympic Games”.

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The Dragon Class return to race in the Gulf of Naples 50 years after the 1960 Olympic Games. This note is to provide some useful information for owners of a Classic Dragon intending to participate. For further information please contact Ezio Gianni Murzi at

The Royal Yacht Club Canottieri Savoia is the organizing authority of the first Eduardo Pepe Gold Cup Trophy for classic Dragons, 29 June – 3 July 2011 in Naples, Italy. Only wooden plank and carvel yachts of the Dragon class that were built before 1972 and having a valid certificate can participate. Persons in charge of the yachts must be current members of their National Dragon Class Association. Italian crews must have a valid FIV license.
NoR, and inscription forms in Italian are available with other documents, including a note on logistics, at Forms must be sent to Reale Yacht Club Savoia, Banchina Santa Lucia 13, 80132 Napoli, Italia, tel no +39 081 764 6162, fax +39 081 764 7445, email, or
Inscription fee is 250 euro per yacht made payable by bank transfer to the Reale Yacht Club Savoia
Banca Popolare di Novara, ag 14, via San Carlo 21, 80133 Napoli, IBAN: IT43 B 05608 03404 0000 0000 4421, SWIFT/BIC code NVRBIT21629

29 June: arrival, craning, measurements control
30 June: race/s, first warning signal 12:00 hours
1 and 2 July, races
3 July, races, and prize giving ceremony.

Races will be around an Olympic triangle. More details will be given in the SI’s.

Each yacht needs a 1.0 million euro insurance coverage.

Where to go:
Car and trailers will have to go to the Circolo Canottieri Napoli, Giardini Molosiglio, 80133 Naples, where rigging and the craning operations will be carried out and where trailers will be parked. Yachts can then sail a short distance, or be towed upon request, to the Reale Yacht Club Savoia, where moorings will be provided for the duration of the event. Participants can use all Reale Yacht Club Savoia’s facilities.

Car Parking is possible in properly marked areas in front of the Reale Yacht Club Savoia. Please contact Ms Lina Ascione at the secretariat.

Participants arriving earlier than 29 June, are kindly asked to contact Ms Lina Ascione at the Reale Yacht Club Savoia, Banchina Santa Lucia, 13 -80132 Napoli, tel +39 081 764 6162 or –6266, email

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