Launching wooden dragon after winter in storage

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Launching wooden dragon after winter in storage

Post by John » Sun Mar 27, 2011 2:48 pm

Yvonne, my 1960 Polish built Dragon will come out of the barn today. Still snowing here in New Brunswick Canada, but I have been told that leaving the boat in the barn (concrete floor but no heat) will cause drying and shrinkage. After almost losing the boat last year when launched (sinking), I am ready to try a new tact. I have been wetting the boat before launch by putting towels and burlap along the whole enterior and wetting these daily. This year I will have a few sprinklers inside as well, collect the water as it comes out the bilge and recirculate. I will also try a new thing and I would like any comments on this.
Before launch I plan to wrap the boat in plastic (a large plastic tarp) which will cover the entire hull surface including the keel. As the boat is launched (using a crane and straps under the hull) the plastic will be forced against the hull by the water pressure. This should keep most of the water out, it will leak, but that is ok as I need water in the boat to swell the wood. I may need to pump water into the boat if it seals too well. After a day I hope to be able to remove the plastic by pumping water between the hull and it.
As this is the only wooden boat in the area, there are usually lots of spectators at lanch day with bets each year about the possible sinking of my boat. Any comments or suggestions.



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Re: Launching wooden dragon after winter in storage

Post by trw999 » Tue Mar 29, 2011 4:22 pm

Yes, John - run a book and take the bets!

I am no expert but I was talking to one recently, who is restoring his Tumlare. We got to talking of sea water versus lake water with regard to take up by a wooden hull. He claimed that seawater was actually better for soaking into the wooden hull, as lake water had a tendency to seep into some areas and do more damage. I had not heard of this before and merely recount it as being of potential interest to you.

Either way, I wish you good luck when you launch your Dragon.

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Re: Launching wooden dragon after winter in storage

Post by DragonFalk » Tue Mar 29, 2011 4:28 pm

Hey John,

Nice to see a message about an old wooden dragon.

To compare your story with mine:
My dragonwas on the dry for 1 year so pretty dry..
It took a week for the hull to be close.
At first it stayed 1 day in the crane. So it was hanging in the ropes.
The days after I just throwed a electric bilgepump in. after one week it was dry for sailing.
My dragon is now almost done from restoration which took 3 years.. So normally the hull should be dry and he would sink, but the underwaterpart is in epoxy now. As you can imagine the underwaterpart doesn't leak anymore.. Maybe an idear for you?

If you want to see pictures of the restoration and the underwaterpart, look at the for sale section for the link in my add there.

good luck!

Robbert Pouw from the Netherlands with Dragon Falk NED240

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