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The 2019 season of the Dragons started with the Alassio Dragon Trophy, the first step of the Italian Open Championship; the Assodragone (Italian Dragon Association) decided to carry out the 2019 Italian Championship in two stages to allow competitors to compete on two different regatta venues, both valid and attractive. First in February in Alassio, Pearl of the Ligurian Riviera di Ponente, and than in Sanremo, the City of Flowers, in mid-March.
In Alassio, with the careful direction of President Ennio Pogliano, the Nautical Club "Al Mare" offered a perfect organization ashore and a warm welcome inshore, which made the 14 crews from 6 nations happy, enjoying a charming atmosphere and favourable weather: sun, spring temperature and wind, what more could you want?

There were two races on the first day with 5-6 knots of wind from 170° at the first start, veering to 205°, strengthening to 10-11 knots in the second race. The provisional classification sees the first place RUS-35 SUNFLOWER by Victor Fogelson (3,3) followed by MON-2 JEANIE by Jens Rathsack (1,6) and by GER-1170 CAMELEER helmed by Marcus Brennecke. Fourth and first of the Italians LITTLE DIVA by Mario Quaranta with Michele Benvenuti at the helm. Immediately after two classic dragons, the winner of the second race ITA-12 Galatea II (class 1950) helmed by Giuseppe La Scala, and ITA-49 JAVELIN (class 1959) helmed by Fabio Mangione.
Also the second day was warm and sunny, with calm sea, 10-12 knots of wind from 120° dropped to 5-6 knots with holes and wave. Wins the third race RUS-27 ANNAPURNA of Anatoly Loginov followed by ITA-76 YANEZ helmed by Beppe Duca and ITA-64 LITTLE DIVA with Michele Benvenuti at the helm. After the first race of the day, the fleet was sent to harbour waiting for a wind that did not arrive..
The third and last day presented itself with sun, calm sea and 12-13 kn of wind from NNE that allows three hard fought races; a perfect course offering a very technical challenge. The final overall classification sees winner RUS-27 ANNAPURNA of Anatoly Loginov, European Champion 2016 and 2018 (2, (ocs), 1, 2, 3, 2). On the second step of the podium and first of the Italians ITA-76 YANEZ helmed by Giuseppe Duca, fighting to regain the Italian title, with Jean Sebastian Ponce and Vittorio Zaoli on the maneuvers (4, (ocs), 2, 1, 2, 4).
Marcus Brennecke's third GER-1170 CAMELEER, 2nd at the 2012 European Championship and 3rd at the 2016.
Fifth overall and first of the Corinthians ITA-64 LITTLE DIVA helmed by Michele Benvenuti, outgoing Italian Champion, with Mario Quaranta, Andrea Quaranta and Clelia Sessa in the cockpit (6, 5. 3, 3, (9), 5). Third of the Italians ITA-49 JAVELIN, helmed by Fabio Mangione, with Davide Leardini and Davide Bortoletto on the maneuvers.
Excellent proof that the race committee, Maurizio Buscemi and Ennio Pogliano had been perfect in managing sometimes complicated conditions.
Next meeting next month in Sanremo for the final step of the Italian Open Championship.

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