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FOLLOW UP TO MINUTES OF AGM 2018 – Gold Cup 2019

Item 13.3 in the Minutes of the 2018 AGM recorded that:
2019 Gold Cup Netherlands. Netherlands reported detailed preparations for the GC in 2019 in Medemblik, which will include a very strong race management team that includes Team Chairman John Borsboom, Race Officer Nino Shmueli and IDA Sailing Coordinator Martin Payne. It was reported that John Borsboom welcomed having Nino on board as RO to run the races. They undertook to draw up a protocol for race management between Nino, John and Stavros.

The background to this is that
• Last year the IDA used the provisions of the Championship Regulations to ask the OA for the Gold Cup in Helsinki to change the PRO for the event. They agreed and a very successful event was the result.
• Many sailors at the Gold Cup and during the Owner’s Meeting in Helsinki asked the IDA to take similar initiatives for the upcoming IDA events
• Following this the IDA requested the Dutch hosts for the 2019 Gold Cup to use the Helsinki race officer as Principal Race Officer in Medemblik.
• Intensive discussions between IDA Officers and Dutch hosts resulted in the model recorded in the AGM minutes above.

Following the AGM, a protocol was received from the Netherlands but it stated that the IDA proposed RO (Nino Shmueli) would be just a ‘consultant’ and that the services of Martin Payne as sailing advisor would no longer be required without any chance to re-negotiate.

The officers were faced with a difficult decision. We had to consider whether to insist on our understanding of the agreed upon race management structure which would have resulted in exercising the provisions of the Championship Regulations to withdraw the event from Medemblik and call a Special General Meeting in order to vote for an alternative venue. In doing so we had to consider:
• time is very short to properly prepare an alternative venue
• some sailors already have made plans and booked accommodation in Medemblik
• there may have been costs and other consequences involved in moving the event from Medemblik that could harm the IDA and the class

Therefore to minimise damage to the class we decided to refrain from withdrawing the event from Medemblik and to alter the AGM recorded race management structure to remove Martin Payne and Nino Shmueli from the GC 2019.

In future we will engage much earlier with IDA events on who the PRO will be and we will make every effort to ensure that OAs use the best possible race officers.

IDA Officers

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