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2019 Dragon Worlds website goes live
14 Mar 2018, 16:53
The 2019 Dragon Worlds website is now live and includes the Notice of Race (NOR), onsite entry to the Australasian Championships, (Prince Philip Cup) and the World Championships.
There is information for those shipping their yachts to Australia and entry lists for both regattas.
Check out all the details via the website link below and have a look at.. Read more

WA Dragon State Championships
06 Mar 2018, 16:39
WA Dragon State Championships on the Swan River in Perth
The 2018 International Dragon.. Read more

Final Standings at Cannes Grand Prix.
04 Mar 2018, 20:30
Winners GER 1170 Jochen Schumann, Ingo Borlowski & Helm/Owner Marcus Brenneke.

The final day (Friday 2nd) of the Cannes Grand Prix did not change the overnight results as no additional races were made despite Race Officer Philippe Enel taking the.. Read more

No Thermals, No Hat, No Chance!
01 Mar 2018, 23:40

With Europe in this unbelievable cold snap, it is testament to the Dragon Class that they have prevailed in chilly Cannes and completed 4 races thus far...

Quite simply conditions have been somewhat testing to say the least.

With.. Read more

Cold in Cannes.....
28 Feb 2018, 19:04
"RocknRolla" Boy's Alexsey, Dmitry & Andrey of RUS 76 Win race 1 of Cannes Grand Prix.

During my 25 years of Dragon Sailing in Cannes I have never seen snow, apart from on the Ski Slopes during the annual Ski-Vol in January. Yet this week it's.. Read more

International Ranking List
28 Feb 2018, 15:20
Some sailors are wondering why the International Ranking List (IRL) for 2017 does not include the Gold Cup 2017 which concluded in St Tropez on 20 October.
The answer is in the IRL rules. The IRL period runs from 15 October to 14 October the following year, so the Gold Cup 2017 is not included because it does not fall within these dates. It will count for the 2018.. Read more

Puerto Portals Winter Series....
21 Feb 2018, 13:57

    GER 1183 Michael Schmidt, Rubrio Basilio & Gustavo Lima win the P.P.W.S.

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International Swiss Dragon Championshp 2018
19 Feb 2018, 16:57
DSC_6733[1] Kopie.jpg

Dear Dragon.. Read more

NOR for Hungarian Championship published
18 Feb 2018, 19:11
Dear friends,
we are very happy about the fact that a lot of you are considering to sail the warm-up event before the European.. Read more

Prince Henrik of Denmark
14 Feb 2018, 12:46
Prince Henrik.jpg
He is pictured here with HM King Constantine, President of IDA and Poul-Richard Hoj-Jensen Vice President IDA.
With great sadness we.. Read more