The Dragon

About the Dragon

The Dragon was designed by Johan Anker in 1929. The original design had two berths and was ideally suited for cruising in his home waters of Norway. The boat quickly attracted owners and within ten years it had spread all over Europe.

In 1937 the Gold Cup was presented to the class by the Clyde Yacht Clubs Association. This quickly became one of the principal championships in the class and a prestigious trophy in the world of competitive yachting.

LOA 8.9m
Beam 1.95m
Draugh 1.2m
Displacement 1700kg (with mast)
Mainsail 16m²
Genoa 11.7m²
Spinnaker 23.6m²

First public printings of the Dragon or at that time called the "Anker's suggestion " from Seglarbladet, 25 December 1928