Official Notice from the IDA

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Official Notice from the IDA

Postby Webmaster » Thu Apr 23, 2015 8:38 am

The IDA has received a photo taken at a recent regatta and which shows a Dragon sailing with an electronic GPS compass on board hidden under the deck.

This is a clear breach of Class Rule 12.20. This rule prohibits any (not only electronic) devices transmitting or correlating data relative to (among others) boat speed and location. Therefore any GPS compasses and any GPS watches are forbidden. This obviously includes any such device that may indicate the distance to the starting line. Such GPS compasses may not be on board, even if they are switched off.

The IDA will now inform all National Secretaries so that they may advise their members that any breach of this rule will not be tolerated, and in the case of any breach, offending boats may be disqualified from the whole event and disciplinary actions according to rule 69 of the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing may be taken.

The IDA will also inform the organisers, measurers and juries of all IDA championships and Grade 1 events so that they may also remind sailors that GPS Compasses are strictly forbidden. Organisers, measurers and juries will be urged to control this and to take the necessary actions in case of breaches, including disqualification and/or disciplinary actions.

For security, mobile phones and similar devices (e.g. smart phones) may be on board but must be turned off during racing and may be used only in case of emergency. The IDA will include also the control of this Class Rule in the above mentioned information as such devices can also include features of GPS compasses.

For security and marine safety VHF Radios are permitted on board, but they may be used only in case of emergency if a Notice of Race does not state a different use (Class Rule 11.11).

In the interest of a fair racing the all Dragon sailors are asked to comply with these Class Rules.

April 2015

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