2013 Russian Dragon Open: the question remains

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2013 Russian Dragon Open: the question remains

Postby Ivan Bidzilya » Sun Jun 30, 2013 6:55 am

On 29th of June, the penultimate day of Russian Dragon Open weather again threw a dice on the wind. Under hot sunshine long hours of waiting were bleeding slowly. Given the tight leaderbord positions and close proximity of the regatta end, every minute becomes a precious commodity. Finally on the edge of time limit the race committee sent the fleet on the water.

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It was bright ray of hope when the flags started to flap with developing breeze. Despite hours spent on shore sailors set up their boats for racing in minutes. But effort went in vein. After several attempts to start a race due to unstable wind the committee gave up trying.

However the day hasn’t passed without some highlights. The great dinner was planned for the evening. It is in the Dragon class nature that sailors are hard competitors on the water but true family on shore. This is why the evening was spent in warm atmosphere.

Now as the final day of Russian Dragon Open started the question remains: who will break the scoreboard tie and take the throphy? This may be decided in a single race of the last day..

The top 5 standings of the Russian Dragon Open 2013 (29th June, after 4 races):
RUS76 Dmitriy Samokhin – 12
RUS27 Anatoliy Loginov – 12
RUS76 Oleg Evdokimenko -13
RUS36 Kuznetsov Artem - 21
RUS51 Emelyanov Konstantin – 24
Full results can be found on http://dragonopen2013.ru/

2013 Russian Dragon Open Championship press service
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