Seamless Carbon Rigging - Illegal

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Seamless Carbon Rigging - Illegal

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Postby Webmaster » Tue Jun 02, 2015 11:32 am

Notice from the Technical Committee of the IDA to all National Dragon Associations.

We have been informed that some Dragons sailors have already fitted out and that some others intend to fit out their Dragons with running backstays made of so called “SCR” (Seamless Carbon Rigging) – a carbon material which doesn’t comply with the definitions of “wire rope” or “rope”.

Class Rule 7.10 states that standing rigging and jumper stays shall be of wire rope, or in the case of the permanent backstay and running backstays, optional in wire or rope or a combination thereof.

Since SCR is neither wire rope nor rope, running backstays made in this material are prohibited.

The Technical Committee of the IDA therefore herewith informs all National Dragon Associations thereon so that they may advise their members that the use of running backstays made of solid carbon material infringes Class Rule 7.10 and that in the case of any breach, offending boats may be disqualified from an event and disciplinary actions according to rule 69 of the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing may be taken.

We will also inform the organisers, measurers and juries of all IDA championships and Grade 1 events – including of the World Championship taking place in La Rochelle and beginning June 4, 2015 thereon. Organisers, measurers and juries will be urged to control this and to take the necessary actions in case of breaches, including disqualification and/or disciplinary actions.

In the interest of a fair racing the all Dragon sailors are asked to comply with these Class Rules.

May 2015

The Members of the IDA Technical Committee

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