Vice Chairmen

Marc Castagnet

Vice Chairman IDA and Vice Captain of the Hong Kong Dragon Association

I have been racing competitively since I was 15 years old. I started sailing Dragons in 1992 in Hong Kong where I crewed for Phyllis Chang until 2009.

I competed in many Interport regattas with Japan, Australia, Canada, and also with Europe. I bought my own Dragon in 2010. I am Hong Kong based, but my business brings me to Europe every few weeks and I race whenever I can in Arcachon, Douarnenez and elsewhere in Europe.

I look forward to the opportunity to sail more regattas, not only close to Hong Kong and in Europe but also in America and Australasia in the coming years.

Email: castagnetmarc[at]gmail[dot]com

Gérard Blanc

Gérard learned to sail at an early age in dinghies and graduated to 470s which he raced actively for many years. He began to sail Dragons in 1995 in Cannes.
He is currently Chairman of the French Dragon Association, and on the board of the Yacht Club de Cannes.
Apart from sailing, Gérard has wide sporting interests including skiing and biking, and acknowledges that he is very lucky to be able to enjoy the beautiful region in the south of France where he lives.
He has two children, and he and his wife are kept busy with their three grand children.
Since he recently retired, Gérard reckons he will have more time to work for the Dragon class!

Helmut Schmidt

Dragon sailing has always been a substantial part of my private life.
I started sailing with my father in the early 1970s in the Dragon.
After some years in the 420 dinghy I sailed my first race at the helm in the Dragon class in 1980.
Since then I have competed in countless national and international regattas.

Serving as an IDA Officer it is my aim to help the class to further grow and stay the most successful one design keelboat class worldwide. I have received so much out of racing all those years so that is my goal to give back what I personally can contribute.

I started my business life in management consulting and later ran my family owned printing ink company.
During that time I was a Board member and Chairman of various chemical industry associations.
I am now engaged in the field of venture capital / private equity.

Email: ida-officer[at]drachenklasse[dot]de