Dmitry Samokhin Snatches Victory From Peter Gilmour In Final Race Cliffhanger At Dragon Grand Prix Germany 2019

The last day of the Dragon Grand Prix Germany 2019 proved to be an absolute cliffhanger as overnight leader Peter Gilmour, sailing JPN56 YRed with Sam Gilmour and Yasuhiro Yaji, and second placed Dmitry Samokhin, sailing RUS76 Rocknrolla with Andrey Kirilyuk and Aleksey Bushuev, battled it out for supremacy in two extraordinary final races.

Racing took place in a light but slowly building south westerly which was a complete contrast to the previous days heavy airs. Those heavy airs had also generated a strong current which added a significant tactical challenge. Pieter Heerema sailing NED412 Troika with Lars Hendriksen and George Leonchuk proved to be the star of the day with a pair of first places, but he’d gone into the day with too much to do and could climb no further up the leader board than third overall.

Whilst Heerema took an early lead in race five, Gilmour and Samokhin were slugging it out back in the pack. Gilmour went into the day with what looked like a comfortable lead, but he soon found himself desperately defending as Samokhin worked relentlessly to get sufficient boats between them to close the gap. They came to the line with Samokhin eighth and Gilmour twelfth. Completion of the fifth race brought the discard into play and as the 40 strong fleet got under starters orders for the sixth and final race Gilmour was still hanging onto his lead by six points from Samokhin.

Both boats got decent starts in race six, but it was clear that Samokhin had a speed advantage and he took off on the heels of Heereman in the knowledge that the situation was now in the lap of the Gods. Gilmour did all he could but couldn’t seem to gain traction and after sailing he admitted “We went with the wrong gear. We had a heavy genoa up and it just didn’t have enough punch.” As they came to the final finish line Samokhin crossed in second behind Heerema and just head of Frenchman Gery Trentesaux. There followed an anxious few moments as Samokhin and his team stared back down the track until, with relief, they watched Gilmour cross the line in tenth place. With the final scores calculated Dmitry Samokhin claimed the Dragon Grand Prix Germany 2019 by two points from Peter Gilmour with Pieter Heerema third and Germany’s Otto Pohlmann fourth.

After sailing Heerema’s tactician Lars Hendriksen talked a little about how they had approached today’s races. “We had an idea that the current was pretty strong out there so on purpose we started a little bit down the line, which was very biased towards the committee boat, but we traded that for going left. [In race five] we basically kept going left and there were just five boats going left but we stuck to our plan. When we came closer to land we got a header and we’d been on a pretty high course all the way into the shore so it worked out.”

Pieter Heerema self-deprecatingly joked about his tendency to start poorly and improve as a regatta goes on. “It’s becoming a bit of a tradition that we, well probably it’s me, that we are a bit of a slow starter at each regatta. There’s a bit too much time between the regattas for me and I need to sail more, but I don’t have the time for that sadly. It takes a few races to get warmed up but then it goes.”

In the Corinthian Division for all amateur crews Philip Dohse, sailing GER1151 Puck IV with his wife Nicola, Volker Kramer and Christian Möller, had a day of mixed fortunes with a sixth in race five followed by an eighteenth, his worst result of the regatta, in race six. For his nearest rival, Martin Pälsson, sailing SWE401 5i12 with Goran Alm and Gustav Gärdebäck, fortunes were reversed and he placed fourteenth and then eighth. In the overall standings Dohse became Corinthian Grand Prix Germany Champion by nine points from Pälsson, with Karl-Gustaf Löhr, sailing SWE398 High Times with Jesper Bendix and Mads Hansen, taking the final step on the Corinthian podium.

Back at the dock the super efficient three crane hauling process saw all boats out of the water and packed up in record time, before the crews came together for one final celebration to honour their champions. The hospitality of the Segelclub Kühlungsborn and the people of this delightful seaside town have been exceptional and for the final party restaurant Vielmeer provided the most delicious Soljanka, a hearty and spicy traditional Russian soup, which was much appreciated by the cold and wet sailors. The Yanmar sponsored beer flowed generously once more and the sailors and their friends and families cheered their winners as they came to the stage.

In his acceptance speech Dmitry Samokhin praised the Segelclub Kühlungsborn and it’s volunteers. “Thank you for organising such a great event on the water and ashore, we felt love, care and happiness all the time. Its not the first time we’ve sailed in Kühlungsborn and every time its been great sailing here, it’s a great venue, so thank you everyone!”

And with that the penultimate event in the 2019 Dragon European Cup Series came to a close. The fourth and final qualifying regatta in the series and the Dragon European Cup Grand Final will both take place in Porto Portals, Mallorca. The final regatta will run from 11 to 14 November and then the top 20 crews, including a quota of Corinthian sailors, will immediately move forward into the Grand Final which will be raced on 15 and 16 November. The first day of the final will feature up to four fleet races to decide the top ten teams who will the take part in a spectacular knock out competition on day two to decide the 2019 Dragon European Cup Champion.The current ranking for the Dragon European Cup Series 2019 will be available shortly from

Over the summer the Dragon sailors will take part in their various National Championships and local regattas before coming together again in Sanremo, the City of Flowers on Italy’s beautiful Ligurian coast, from 5 to 11 October for the spectacular Dragon 90th Anniversary Gala Regatta. Up to 160 boats are expected to participate in this unique regatta and party celebration to mark the Dragon’s very special birthday. Further details can be found at

Final Top 10

1. Dmitry Samokhin – RUS75 – 4, 6, 1, 2, (8), 2 = 15
2. Peter Glimour – JPN56 – 1, 1, 2, 3, (12), 10 = 17
3. Pieter Heerema – NED412 – (12), 3, 14, 1, 1, 1 = 18
4. Otto Pohlmann – GER1205 – 7, 4, 3, 18, (10), 5 = 27
5. Anatoly Loginov – RUS27 – 2, 2, (20), 11, 4, 9 = 28
6. Marcus Brennecke – GER1170 – (21), 9, 4, 5, 3, 11 = 32
7. Stephan Link – GER1162 – 6, 7, (13), 12, 2, 7 = 34
8. Gery Trentesaux – FRA428 – (10), 8, 5, 10, 9, 3 =35
9. Hugo Stenbeck – SUI311 – 9, (DNS), 7, 4, 17, 6 – 43
10. Dirk Oldenburg – SUI313 – 18, (22), 8, RDG 13, 6 4 = 49

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Grand Prix Germany – Stav’s Day 3 Interview with Dmitry Samokhin And Pieter Heerema

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Dragon Grand Prix Germany – Day 3 Report

Continuing strong winds forced the Segelclub Kühlungsborn race committee to delay the start of racing on day three of the Dragon Grand Prix Germany, but the wait was worth it as the teams enjoyed races 3 and 4 of the series in a north westerly of around 15-18 knots. At times it was more like snakes and ladders than yacht racing as the closely matched fleet of 40 boats vied for position at every mark and even the big names found themselves buried in the pack at times.

Overnight leader Peter Gilmour, sailing with Sam Gilmour and Yasuhiro Jaji, kicked his day off with a nice steady second in race three. His start in race four was a little lacklustre and in a fleet of this caliber the slightest mistake brings cruel punishment, so he found himself with a lot of work to do. As he rounded the final gate he was still buried; “We came round the last mark five abreast and I’ve no idea how there was no contact. We made up about ten places on the last beat.” Those ten places put him into third place, his worst result of the series but more than sufficient to retain his overall lead with a comfortable, but not totally unassailable seven point delta on Russia’s Dmitry Samokin.

Samokhin, crewed by three time Olympian Andrey Kirilyuk and Aleksey Bushuev, was the top performer of the day, winning race three with confidence and before going on to snatch a second place from near disaster in race four. “Inside ten minutes before the start we had a problem with our boom vang, which we had to rebuild so we missed the start by several seconds, which was crucial. We had to tack quite early away from the right side which was favoured and was where we wanted to go, but we had to tack to the left and we ended up being 26th at the top mark, but we managed to fight back to second.” Explained Samokhin after racing.

Germany’s Otto Pohlmann, crewed by triple Olympic Silver Medallist Mateusz Kuscnierewicz and South African Star sailor and Volvo Ocean Race veteran Charles Nankin, took third in race three and crossed the line in 18th in race four. However, they had been involved in an on the water incident and the won the resulting protest so were awarded redress and as a result move up from fifth to third place overall on 22 points.

Holland’s Pieter Heerema, crewed by Dragon World, European and Gold Cup Champion Lars Hendriksen and Olympic 49er Silver Medallist George Leonchuk, came fourteenth and then won race four to jump from seventh to fourth place on 30 points, while French offshore specialist Gery Trentesaux, sailing with match racer Eric Brezellec, J22 World Champion Jean Queveau and Christian Ponthin leaps from eighth to fifth on 33 points.

The day was not kind to Russia’s Anatoly Loginov, sailing with Vadim Statsenko and Alexander Shalagin, who went into it lying second overall. An incident with another boat in race three resulted in damage to their mast and left them limping home in twentieth place. They managed to take part in race four but could only finish eleventh, dropping them down into fifth overall on 35 points.

In the Corinthian Division for all amateur crews Philip Dohse, sailing with his wife Nicola Dohse, Volker Kramer and Christian Möller, had a great day finishing tenth and sixth, putting him into ninth place overall and top Corinthian. Sweden’s Martin Pälsson, who is crewed by Goran Alm and Gustav Gärdebäck and dropped down to second Corinthian ahead of Karl-Gustaf Löhr, Jesper Bendix and Mads Hansen who remain in third place.

With only five of the eight scheduled races completed so far the Race Committee has announced that it will bring the start of racing forward by an hour to 10.00 on the final day. There is a latest warning signal cut off time of 15.00 so everyone, with the possible exception of Mr Gilmour, will be very much hoping to achieve two more races. The single discard will be introduced once race five has been completed.

Whilst the German weather may not have been too hot this week the hospitality has been exceptionally warm and after sailing the crews enjoyed a delicious home made sausage and potato salad meal made by the Segelclub Kühlungsborn and more free beers courtesty of Yanmar.

Provisional Top 10 After 4 Races

Peter Glimour – JPN56 – 1, 1, 2, 3 = 7
Dmitry Samokhin – RUS75 – 4, 6, 1, 2 = 13
Pieter Heerema – NED412 – 12, 3, 14, 1 = 30
Otto Pohlmann – GER1205 – 7, 4, 3, 18 = 32
Gery Trentesaux – FRA428 – 10, 8, 5, 10 =33
Anatoly Loginov – RUS27 – 2, 2, 20, 11 = 35
Stephan Link – GER1162 – 6, 7, 13, 12 = 38
Marcus Brennecke – GER1170 – 21, 9, 4, 5 = 39
Philip Dohse – GER1151 – 16, 13, 10, 6 = 45
Nicola Friesen – GER1207 = 11, 16, 6, 17 = 50

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Peter Von Koskull (FIN 92) wins Finnish Championship 2019 in Helsinki

Superb weather conditions provided 6 excellent races last weekend in Helsinki for the Finnish National Championship.

Over the course of the Championship 20 teams enjoyed a variety of conditions. The top 3 overall were FIN 92 Peter Von Koskull, FIN 64 Tom Jungell and GBR 408 Dimitry Bondarenko, but they had a fight to the very last race. 4th and 5th places were FIN 79 Sami Saloma and LAT 3 Anna Basalinka, who had their own battle in a very high quality fleet.

Two races were completed on day 1 sailed in a moderate breeze from the north. As the wind was from the land it was shifty, tricky and a good start did not mean much. The top teams did recover and both races had close and tight sailing to the finish.

Day 2 the wind was south west and building during the day, up to 20+ knts on race nr.4 had the most wind with nice waves, and exhilarating sailing. Two bullets from FIN 92 Koskull who had good speed and good tactical skills, gave them safe wins.

Day 3 started with light winds from 220, but was building up for second race (maybe up to 12 knts). Sun was out again and it was as good as it could get out there on the water. Race 5 was won by FIN 64 Tom Jungell and making the last race a proper battle in top 3. LAT 3 Anna Basalinka was second and before the last race points where even at 19 with FIN 79 Sami Saloma and RUS 32 Boris Latkin with 21 points little behind. Race 6 was as good, with proper fighting to the end and we all got what we wanted!

Happy faces on the shore with this good weekend! Next in the Gulf of Finland is St. Petersburg with Marbelhead and Open RUSSIA ch. in about 3 weeks time!

results –!/results?classId=d074bcca-b946-4c23-b2ea-4f7c3c6c11d0

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Stav’s Interviews from The German Grand Prix in Kuhlungsborn

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German Grand Prix 2019 – Day 2

Sadly strong winds prevented sailing on the second day of the Dragon German Grand Prix in Kühlungsborn where regularly gusts of over 30 knots were recorded. Initially the Segelclub Kühlungsborn’s Race Committee announced a three hour postponement in the hope that conditions would abate, but it was not to be and so, just in time for lunch, the signal was flown to abandon racing for the day.

Whilst disappointed not to sail, the sailors were fully in agreement with the committee’s decision and were considerably cheered by the news that the daily social gathering would be brought forward to early afternoon so that the teams could enjoy delicious gourmet burgers by the Beach House restaurant and free beers courtesy of event sponsor Yanmar. Yanmar brand ambassador Peter Gilmour, who continues to lead the regatta by two points from Anatoly Loginov while Dmitry Samokin and Evgeniy Braslavets remain tied on ten points apiece for third, joined his fellow competitors in appreciating the sponsor’s hospitality before heading out to discover some of the many attractions that this delightful seaside town has to offer.

One man who was very happy not to race was German Dragon sailing legend Tommy Müller, who welcomed a day of recovery after yesterday’s exceptionally rough conditions saying, “When we are sailing in Cascais or Douarnenez the sequence of the waves is approximately 20 to 25 metres, but here they are only 5 to 8 metres and for the Dragon it’s a very challenging situation. During the first race yesterday we had a very big wave and I fell into the leeward side of my cockpit and my tactician Malte Phillip ended up falling on the mainsheet with Mario [Wagner] on top of him, so it was really a critical situation. I bent my back so was a little bit injured, but now with some pills I feel a bit better so hopefully we can race again tomorrow.”

Time ashore gave the sailors a chance to catch up with friends and high on the list of topics for discussion was the forthcoming 90th Anniversary Regatta, which will take place in Sanremo, Italy, from 5 -11 October 2019.

From it’s inception in 1929 as an entry by designer Johan Anker into a competition run by the Royal Gothenburg Yacht Club to find a low cost weekend cruiser for young people, through its early rapid growth across Europe and beyond, via it’s Olympic years from 1948 to 1972 and on to it’s incredible and lasting success in the modern ear, there are few classes on the planet that can claim such an illustrious history as the Dragon.

The 90th Anniversary Regatta will celebrate that history by bringing together sailors and boats from across the generations in a regatta combining fun competition afloat with relaxed camaraderie and great parties ashore. Regatta host the Yacht Club Sanremo is busy preparing a truly exceptional event for the class and already 140 modern and classic Dragons from 25 nations have confirmed their intention to race with the entry list growing daily. Further information about the 90th Anniversary Regatta can be found at

Another hot topic of conversation was the new International Dragon European Cup Series. This week’s Dragon German Grand Prix is the third of four qualifying grade one regattas in this exciting new series, which will culminate with a Grand Final in Puerto Portals, Mallorca in November. Puerto Portals will also host the final qualifying event from 11 to 14 November and at the end of that regatta the overall top twenty ranked teams, including a quota of Corinthian (all amateur) crews, will move forward into the Grand Final.

That two day final will take place on 15 and 16 November and will feature fleet races on the first day to decide the top ten teams, who will then race a knock out series on day two to decide the Dragon European Cup Champion 2019. The teams racing this week and vying for a place in that final include multiple Olympians, America’s Cup veterans, World and Continental Champions, so it promises to be a showdown of epic proportions.

Whilst racing was not possible in Kühlungsborn today, conditions are forecast to improve for tomorrow’s third day when north westerlies of 15 to 23 knots are anticipated. The race committee has confirmed it hopes to start racing on time at 11.00 and has warned the competitors to prepare for up to three races. The regatta continues until Saturday 6 July with a maximum of 8 races possible.

Further information and full results from the event are available at and you can follow the event on the IDA’s Facebook page. Click here for additional images.

Provisional Top 10 After 2 Races

1. Peter Glimour – JPN56 – 1, 1 = 2
2. Anatoly Loginov – RUS27 – 2, 2 = 4
3. Dmitry Samokhin – RUS75 – 4, 6 = 10
4. Evgeniy Braslavets – ITA77 – 5, 5 = 10
5. Otto Pohlmann – GER1205 – 7, 4 = 11
6. Stephan Link – GER1162 – 6, 7 = 13
7. Pieter Heerema – NED412 – 12, 3 = 15
8. Gery Trentesaux – FRA428 – 10, 8 =18
9. Tobias Brinkmann – GER922 – 3, 19 = 22
10. Nicola Friesen – GER1207 = 11, 16 = 27

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German Grand Prix 2019 – Day 1 Report

Australian America’s Cup and World Match Racing star Peter Gilmour and his team of Yasuhiro Yaji and Sam Gilmour, took on a tricky two race opening day at the 2019 Dragon German Grand Prix in Kühlungsborn and made it look deceptively easy, claiming victory in both races. His nearest rival, Russia’s Anatoly Loginov, sailing with Vadim Statsenko and Alexander Shalagin, was also superbly consistent with a pair of second places despite a broken spinnaker sheet during the opening race.

The racing was so close that third place after two races is only decided on count back between the Russian teams of Dmitry Samokhin, sailing with Andrey Kirilyuk and Aleksey Bushuev, who placed fourth and sixth, and Evgeniy Braslavets, crewed by Sergey Pugachev and Sergey Timokhov, who scored a pair of fifths. A single point behind them in fifth overall is Germany’s Otto Pohlman with Mateusz Kuscnierewicz and Charles Nankin.

Preparations and practice for the regatta, the third event in the prestigious Dragon European Cup Series 2019, had been delayed due to very strong winds and so today was the first opportunity both the sailors and the Segelclub Kühlungsborn’s race committee had to get afloat. Once in the race area they found glorious sunshine and a nice 16-20 knots from the north west, but it came with a big swell left over from the gale topped by a short and confused chop. The sea state made life very difficult for both the sailors and the race committee, who frequently found themselves hanging on for dear life and in some cases battling seasickness.

The wind direction allowed the committee to set up their course parallel to the shore, much to the delight of the spectators lining the strand who got a terrific view of the action. Throughout the day the left side of the beat closest to the shore was preferred, but there were sufficient shifts to catch out the unwary and provide gains to the observant. Gilmour himself took full advantage of one such right-hander on the final beat of race two to cement his second win.

In the Corinthian Division for all amateur crews the competition is so tight that there is a three-way tie after today’s opening races. Leading the Corinthian’s on countback is Sweden’s Martin Pålsson crewed by Goran Alm and Gustav Gärdebäck who scored 19 and 10. Neck and neck with them are Philip and Nicola Dohse and Volker Kramer who finished 16 and 13, while Karl-Gustaf Löhr, Jesper Bendix and Mads Hansen finished 15 and 14. In the overall standings they lie 11, 12 and 13 respectively.

After sailing Martin Pålsson summed up the conditions succinctly saying, “The sea is very confused; it’s choppy with big waves at the same time. We had a tough first race, but it got better and the second race we were rather pleased with. I think the decision not to run a third race was good as everyone was tired and we hadn’t been able to practice. But we hope the weather will allow sailing for the days coming.”

After racing the exhausted crews gathered at the waterside regatta village to relax, enjoy live music, eat delicious Italian food created specially for them by the Restaurant Portofino and to refresh themselves with the free beers being offered each day by event sponsor Yanmar.

The forecast for the remaining three days of the regatta offers more strong winds so all fingers are crossed that conditions are sailable for day two, when westerly winds of 21 to 29 knots are currently predicted. If racing can go ahead the scheduled start time is 11.00. The regatta concludes on Saturday 6 July with a maximum of three races being sailed per day and a total of eight races scheduled.

Further information and full results from the event are available from and you can follow the event on the IDA’s Facebook page.

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Open Finnish Dragon Championship 2019

The 2019 Finnish Championship was sailed in Helsinki on June 28th-30th. The regatta was organised by HSK, the experienced hosts of the 2018 Gold Cup. A very positive outcome of last years Gold Cup is the a revival of the Dragon class in Finland. With this years 21 entries we saw the biggest fleet in years on Finnish waters. Another great thing were the foreign entries with boats from Russia, Estonia and Latvia, they truly made it an international event!

The first day of racing was sailed in 12-16 knots of shifty northerly winds. In the first race, GBR 408 sailed by Dmitry Bondarenko, Vadim Statsenko and Aleksander Shalagin held their lead from start to finish and got a comfortable win. In second finished FIN 92 sailed by Peter von Koskull, Ii-min Tcheng, Niko Ruokosuo and Andreas Johanson. In 3rd place was FIN 64 sailed by Tom Jungell, Markus Mannström and Jaakko Rantala. The second race was won by RUS 32, sailed by Boris Latkin, Oleg Chugunov and Aleksei Murashkin. RUS 32 was followed by GBR 408 in second place and FIN 92 in third. After racing the sailors enjoyed a barbecue, beers and sauna hosted by the Finnish Dragon Association.

The second day saw wind speeds pick up to 16-22 knots and shifting more towards west-northwest. The organising committee led by Ted Gröndahl did a great job setting up the courses. When the fleet got going, FIN 92 was in good form winning both races in the tricky and gusty conditions.

“We sailed really well today. I feel we made all the right choices going upwind and being fast downwind and getting shifts right always helps.” – Andreas Johanson.

GBR 408 and FIN 64 continued their good series finishing the day with a 2nd and 3rd respectively. At this point of the race the top 3 boats had developed a lead over the rest of the fleet and all three had a great chance to win the Championship on day 3. The second day of racing ended with sauna (we are in Finland after all!) and drinks hosted by HSK.

Day 3 saw the wind shift towards west with the speeds going down to 10-14 knots. The first race saw a duel at the start between FIN 92 and GBR 408. Both teams had a poor start and FIN 64 went on to a comfortable win. LAT 3 sailed by Anna Basalkina, Eriks Masteiko and Vlado Ukraintseva sailed a great race finishing second. FIN 92 got the upper hand of GBR 408 by advancing to third place after a poor start with GBR 408 finishing 7th. The last race proved to be a nail biter as FIN 64 got a great start at the pin and crossed the fleet early with a big lead over FIN 92 and GBR 408. First around the windward mark was FIN 86 sailed by the FDA chairman Mikko Jaatinen with his sons Ossi and Akusti. Second was FIN 64 followed by GBR 408 and FIN 92. On the first run FIN 92 managed to time their gybe just right and passed GBR 408 and managed to get right behind FIN 64. On the last beat FIN 92 took the lead when they were able to pass FIN 86 and FIN 64. Starting the last run the top 4 boats were all very close with FIN 92 crossing the line 1st, FIN 86 2nd, GBR 408 3rd and FIN 64 4th. With these results FIN 92 “Margaret” was able to clinch their second Finnish Championship in three years. The great team of GBR 408 won the silver medals with the team of FIN 64 finishing 3rd.

“I am very happy for this win! We worked hard and sailed very well, especially when the pressure was on. Being able to recover every time we were in a bad spot is really satisfying. The guys sailing GBR 408 and FIN 64 are great sailors and that makes this win even better. This was a great event with a skilled race management and outstanding facilities. Seeing the fleet grow in Finland and getting teams from Russia, Estonia and Latvia is a big thing for us, so thanks to our visiting friends as well! -Niko Ruokosuo

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Dragons Converge on Kühlungsborn for third leg of 2019 Dragon European Cup Series

Kühlungsborn on Germany’s Baltic coast is the venue for the third and penultimate regatta in the 2019 Dragon European Cup Series. Forty of the top International Dragon teams from across Europe and as far afield as Japan are gathering to compete in the Dragon Grand Prix Germany from 3 to 6 July, being hosted by the Segelclub Kühlungsborn and the German Dragon Fleet.

With two of the four qualifying events in the Dragon European Cup Series already completed the competition is hotting up to decide who will make the Grand Final in Palma de Mallorca in November. Teams require results from three of the four qualifying events to be eligible for the 20-boat finale so every point counts.

The opening events of the series, in Cannes in April and Cascais in May, were windy affairs and it looks like that trend will continue in Germany. The forecast is promising strong predominantly north westerly winds throughout the regatta so the sailors can expect challenging and spectacular conditions for the eight scheduled races. The regatta is based at the new Kühlungsborn Marina and racing will take place on the open waters of the Baltic, just a short sail from the harbour.

Current series leader Grant Gordon from Scotland will not participate in this event. A third place at the Dragon Grand Prix Cannes followed by a win in the King Juan Carlos Trophy Regatta in Cascais have given him a four-point lead, but at the half way mark in the series there are still plenty who can challenge him.

Grant’s nearest rivals are Portugal’s Pedro Rebelo de Andrade and Switzerland’s Hugo Stenbeck, who hold seven points apiece. Andrade is on something of a roll at the moment having also recently won the Yanmar Dragon Gold Cup in Medemblik, where he sailed an incredible series in exceptionally tough conditions to claim victory against a 90 strong fleet. However, this week he will be crewing for a German client rather than helming his own boat, so his results will not count towards his European Cup Series ranking.

Stenbeck, a renowned Star and 6 Metre sailor, finished second in the last European Cup Series event in Cascais and must be hoping that the absence of Gordon and Andrade will allow him to gain the upper hand. Also still very much in contention are Russia’s Dmitry Samokhin and Pieter Heerema of the Netherlands who hold ten and eleven points respectively.

Having missed the Cascais regatta, Germany’s Tommy Müller will return to the fray in Kühlungsborn. He ran a very close second to Andrade in Cannes and as one of the most consistent and successful Dragon sailors of all time we can no doubt expect to see him gracing the front of the fleet this week too. He also loves heavy weather sailing, so Dragon sailors beware…Tommy is back!

Like Müller, fellow German Markus Brennecke also missed the Cascais event, but having finished fourth in Cannes he will be hoping for another podium result and a chance to jump up the European Cup Series rankings at his home event. Others racing to ensure they make the cut of 20 boats entitled to compete in November’s final include Russia’s Anatoly Loginov, Vasily Senatorov and Victor Fogelson, Monaco’s Jens Rathsack, Frenchmen Gery Trentesaux and Stephane Baseden and Peter Gilmour sailing for Japan.

Racing is expected to commence at noon on Wednesday 3 July with up to three races a day possible. Eight races in total are schedule and the regatta will conclude on Saturday 6 July when no warning signal will be made after 15.00. Daily reports and results will be available from and via the IDA Facebook page. The full entry list and further event information can be found at The provisional Dragon European Cup Series 2019 results after two races can be found here.

Journalists wishing to attend the event or receive daily reports and photographs should contact IDA Press Officer Fiona Brown on [email protected], +44 (0)7711 718470 or Skype FPBrown.

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Dragon European Cup Series – Provisional Results After Two Regattas

As we prepare for the Dragon Grand Prix Germany, the third event in the four regatta plus grand final Dragon European Cup Series 2019, here are the provisional Series results to date

Sail No Helm Boat Name Cannes Cascais Points Place
GBR820 Grant Gordon Louise Racing 3 1 4 1
POR84 Pedro Rebelo de Andrade Mercury 1 6 7 2
SUI311 Hugo Stenbeck Sophie Racing 5 2 7 3
RUS76 Dmitry Samokhim Rocknrolla 6 4 10 4
NED412 Pieter Heerema Troika 8 3 11 5
RUS27 Anatoly Loginov Anapurna 10 7 17 6
MON2 Jens Rathsack Jeanie 12 5 17 7
FRA428 Gery Trentesaux Bande a Part 14 8 22 8
GER1205 Otto Pohlmann Meerblick 16 9 25 9
FRA420 Stephane Baseden Outlaw 13 15 28 10
JPN56 Peter Gilmour Yred 15 13 28 11
RUS34 Vasily Senatorov To Be Continued 24 11 35 12
RUS35 Victor Fogelson Sunflower 29 17 46 13
GER33 Tommy Muller Sinewave 2 67 69 14
GER1170 Marcus Brennecke Cameleer 4 67 71 15
GER1162 Stephan Link Desert 7 67 74 16
ITA77 Evgeny Braslavets Bunker Prince 9 67 76 17
ESP71 Javier Scherk Gunter 67 10 77 18
GER1186 Tania Jacobsohn Goldkante 11 67 78 19
GBR769 Martin Payne Mars 67 11 78 20
POR83 Pedro Mendes Leal Neptune 67 14 81 21
POR56 Miguel Magalhees Peggy 67 16 83 22
HUN57 Ferenc Kis-Szolgyemi Johanna 17 67 84 23
GER1203 Maximillian Dohse Rocco S 18 67 85 24
IRL201 Martin Byrne Jaguar Sailing Team 67 18 85 25
GER1207 Nicola Friesen Khaleesi 19 67 86 26
SUI315 Rennie Miller Dignity 67 19 86 27
SWE389 Karl-Gustaf Lohr Hightimes 20 67 87 28
POR58 Henrique Costa e Silva Maria 3 67 20 87 29
RUS98 igor Goikhberg Zenith 21 67 88 30
NED411 Charlotte ten Wolde Olinghi 67 21 88 31
FRA391 Jean Breger Ulysse 22 67 89 32
POR81 Jahvarn Knight Scaramouche 67 22 89 33
GER77 Ingo Ehrlicher Dottore Amore 23 67 90 34
BEL88 Guy Celis White Pearl 67 23 90 35
POR47 Manuel Rocha Catarina III 67 24 91 36
SUI318 Wolf Waschkuhn 1Quick1 25 67 92 37
POR66 Pedro Beckert Drago 67 25 92 38
FIN83 Jouko Lindgren Lisa 26 67 93 39
BEL82 Xavier Vanneste Herbie 67 26 93 40
SWE375 Martin Palsson 5I12 27 67 94 41
BEL83 Peter De Gryse Cogito 67 27 94 42
FRA421 Alain Lathioor Revolte 28 67 95 43
POR50 Diogo Diniz Artic Tern 67 28 95 44
IRL206 Jonathan Bourke Cloud 67 29 96 45
EST16 Mikhel Kosk Port Artur 30 67 97 46
FIN91 Sami Salomaa Paloma 31 67 98 47
SUI313 Dirk Oldenburg Free 32 67 99 48
SWE390 Per Gabrielsson Katala 33 67 100 49
GER1151 Philip Dohse Puck IV 34 67 101 50
GBR761 Gavia Wilkinson-Cox Jerboa 35 67 102 51
LAT3 Anna Basalkina Avelat 36 67 103 52
FRA409 Gerard Blanc Tsuica 37 67 104 53
SUI296 Justus Kniffka Ariston Cannes 67 67 54
GER1134 Olaf Sternel Hunting Duck 39 67 106 55
NED305 Bram de Wilde Dawn 40 67 107 56
FRA423 Etienne Lafon Ginkgo 41 67 108 57
FRA430 Bruno Jourdren Corto 5 42 67 109 58
SUI291 Yves Gaussen New Skin 43 67 110 59
DEN233 Lars Broen Hotlips 44 67 111 60
RUS31 Mikhail Senatorov Integrity 45 67 112 61
FRA403 Didier Cuny Adrenalin 46 67 113 62
GBR633 Ron James Fei-Lin’s Flirtation 47 67 114 63
DEN404 Klaus Rasmussen Flawless 48 67 115 64
FRA412 Stewart Reed Irina 49 67 116 65
SUI322 Walter J Zuercher Gitane Eight 50 67 117 66
EST7 Taavo Tenno Chimaera 51 67 118 67
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