RSS feeds

What is RSS Feed ?


We thought that it might be useful to give a short explanation about RSS. It stands for Really Simple Syndication and it is the ideal way to receive the content you want from the web - delivered to your desktop in an easily manageable way.

Any site that displays the RSS logo will be able to provide a constantly updated source of news and information delivered to your PC via a piece of software called a an aggregator, or an RSS Reader.

This reader will check your favourite websites several times a day for new content, meaning you do not have to spend time surfing the

web looking for updates.

The RSS reader will display the headlines and a brief synopsis of anything new it finds on your pre-selected favourites - allowing you to decide whether to click through to the site and read the whole story.

ISAF have a comprehensive explanation on their site which is well worth reading


Please note that Firefox can be downloaded free at It is free and easy to download.


On the IDA site, all icons RSS and RSS are links to the IDA RSS Feed.